Why Girls Are Surprised By Negative Attention?

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I said "less harmful"...it would not bother me personally, but I am the exception. Of course most people would still be bothered by it.

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I hate when a girl puts girl on the clan tag. Do you really think I give a sh*t about what gender you are? No I don't. They deserve all the hate they get for doing that. I respect the ones that don't do it. I mean we don't put guy on the clan tag or boy so why should they put girl/lady?


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lol.  he thinks his view is so important it needs another color. 

Do you think we give a sh*t about what color you post in?  No, we don't.  You deserve all the hate you get for doing that.  I respect the ones that post in black.  I mean we don't post in off colors so why should you?

what's wrong with self identifying in your tag? N8TV, Mex, PR, QC, NGGA, WYTE, SGT, COL. ARMY, NAVY.  Do they "deserve your hate" too? 

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Apparently you do give a * about what color he posts in, because it prompted you to reply to him about it.

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If you read the following paragraph in that post you will see I was only making a point by parroting him.

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You care enough to mention it to make a point.

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Because they're thirsty for attention. Just like some feel the need to hand their shirt rack in pics on twitter,  Facebook and so on.

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it doesent help COD aims at that specific group thats needs to grow up.

also because its the internet it takes away boundaries.

people tend to behave differently when in the safe bounderies off their home.

its no different that all the racist that are online and all swatsika emblem users.

heck some people find it quite amusing to have a  certain body part in their emblem

on another note it was fun though running around with MILF as my clan tag.

people where sending me PMs about it asking me dumb ass question

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People that would moan about a girl playing, or having girl in their clan tag are the reason i never have my mic connected to PS3.

I chat over Teamspeak with the rest of my clan, and we just laugh at the stupid idiots making comments about people in the lobies. Have you ever noticed the people in the lobies shouting about how they are going to beast, never seem to make it till the end of the game haha

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its like this

if you just have a regular gamer tag, it wouldnt matter what gender you are.. but putting (Girl) or whatever in your tag its like saying "hey im a girl and ic an play too! girl power"

so naturally your gonna have guys think thats ridiculouse and abuse the girl player..

in other words, have a regular tag, and knock it off

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