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Why Boost?

I know I'm a bit dense, but...

I've been playing Call of Duty since MW in 2007. I play the game for fun. I don't understand the need for people to rush up the prestiege ladder to get to the top. Is there a special prize that I'm not seeing (other than the emblem)? When you get to the top, then what? Isn't cheating/boosting your way to the top just taking away the fun from yourself? Do you just want bragging rights? What am I missing?

Can someone who boosted to the top please explain the attraction for doing so? I just want to know!

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Re: Why Boost?

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No one wants to wait or earn anything any more. Welcome to the "I want, I get" generation. No such thing as hard work and reward any more.

I blame their parents lol.

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Re: Why Boost?

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yea people want the easy and short way not the long way

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Re: Why Boost?

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I don't boost but in my opinion at this moment in time I believe they do it because there are no consequences! Treyarch aren't dealing or acknowledging there is a problem.

You only have to read the other threads to see there IS a problem.

I just pick a badge I like and stick to it, in MW3 I stopped at 10 because of the emblem. Having said that the Master one looks good.

Really I don't understand it either, they're only kidding themselves, everyone knows a Cheat when they see one.

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