Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

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Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

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Mate, it's not only the players with good connections that get punished, lower speed connections lag terribly in BLOPS2, MW3 did a much better job at evening out the connections. I rarely get more than a three bar connection and I think I am running maybe 2 tenths of a second behind everyone, unbelievably frustrating seeing on the kill cam that I didn't get a shot off on the guy that killed me despite me believing that I got the first shot on the opposing player, and also thinking I had been killed by a shot gun because I only heard one shot but seeing on the kill cam someone spraying off half a mag from an SMG.


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Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

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Remember when people say MW3 had the worst lag ever? People tend to praise the older CODs and trash the current one. When MW4 comes out, we'll be saying how great BO2 was and how horrible MW4 is.

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Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

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BO 2 frame stutters and rubberbands all the time for me, MW3 seldom does that for me, and MW3 never froze my PS3

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Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

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Agree with that, the servers this weekend have been abysmal, glitching, freezing, lost connections pretty much every other game. Such a pity, if they could improve the connection issues by 50% the game would be very enjoyable. It is a fundamentally flawed product, probably the result of not being developed by enthusiasts who actually play the game.

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Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

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1. I seem to manage just fine, after I had set up my search preferences to "Best". Ocassionally i tend to get some of those BS moments where the host is crap, but soon after it tends to find a new host. I personally, haven't had the issue of lagg in to game.

2. I can join my friends and party up no problem, unless they close their lobby.

3. Yes! The enemy always seems to spawn behind me. Agree with you on that note.

4. I feel like Treyarch is trying their best to keep the guns balance, unlike previous COD titles.

5. Indefferent.

6. I feel as if they did increase the range of the explosives, but can't truly give my thoughts since I just tend to run around wearing Flak Jacket.

7. I personally run Fast Hands.

8. Yes, I personally hate when this happens when I am playing with my friends and they cut off. As well as when I'm going to 'Create A Class' and it freezes for a good 5-10 seconds... I also play of my PS3 slim.

     Of course they would still be some issues with the game. Overall, I seem to be enjoying this game more that previous COD titles, I'm personally not much of the Modern Warfare franchise fanatic since the game, for me, was to realistic for a COD game, imo. I enjoy running around with only a blade and some tomahawks, as well as doplhin diving throughout the map.

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Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

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Issue 1 - Lag/connection/servers -

Yes, this game has not improved yet, but we do not have 1.05.

Issue 2 - Partying - Getting incredibly fed up of not being able to play with friends and clan members because it simply wont join their lobby,

True, today I realized the the people I was trying to invite couldn't join plus 4 because I had it closed. Didn't know you can go upto 12. Changed that added 8

Issue 3 - Respawns

Yes ~ something is off, puts you within limits of recent death.

Issue 4 - Weapons

If you can respond that you are an AR player! Props!

Issue 5 - Target Finder

Your still talking about this! hahahaa this topic was about three weeks ago!. EMP damage is the new thing.

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Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

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MW3 was really good after the patch sometime in mid-summer 2012, it largely removed the lag comp in the game for me. Hadn't gotten a MOAB before that, then after whatever patch that was, I got MOABs for days and my tdm k/d skyrocketed from 2 to 3.4

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Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

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as many of your points are valid, you have some complaints that would make this game awful. 1, 2, 3, and 8 I can agree with you. most the issues in this game come from lag, connection, and freezing issues. 3arc and Activision have definitely created beta ops 2 with this game. too many people skipping around the screen, the lesser connection being rewarded, unexpected host migrations due to connection, and even zombies have been put to shame. the list can go on and the developers can read all these comments only to do nothing about them but I'm here to argue your points 5, 6, and 7.

target finder: it's not the worst attachment in a game. I read a reply here talking about how you can't blame the attachments for kills, it's the user. if that attachment was never implemented in this game, I'm sure there would be numerous complaints regarding another attachment making kills easier for the opposing team. bottom line is, if target finder is annoying you so much to complain about it in a thread, then you haven't adjusted your gameplay to better fit the scenario. opposing teams can use target finder all they want against me but I don't blame the attachment. I change my gameplay and make it difficult for them.. a simple emp grenade with scavenger does wonders to a target finder.

explosives: no one plays COD for realism? I'm sure many of us started playing COD because of the realism. if you want explosives to only kill you 2ft away from the grenade, then that would spark a ton of other complaints. I must say, the only gripe I have about explosives in this game and every other COD is C4. when the f*ck did you ever see someone throwing C4 at a person only to press the trigger button right before it hits their face? COD after COD it's the same C4 tactic (if it can be called a tactic at that). nonetheless, the user is to blame for using it in such a manner. apart from that, the explosive damages are justifiable. I remember in mw2 how many people complained about the explosions in game so they had to tone it down. hell I took advantage of it and created a pyro class made up of danger close, n00b tubes, semtex, rocket launchers and scavenger. in black ops 2, I don't hear so many complaints about explosions anymore. there's always the flak jacket if you can't stand the 'excessive' explosion damage.

which brings me to my closing.. perks. everything I mentioned so far can be countered with other equipment or perks. so how can you say they're useless. EVERY COD had atleast one useless perk each year but to say ALL of them are useless? kind of stretching it out too far. and yes, I do use some other perk instead of toughness and scavenger for perk 2: cold blood. why you didn't mention cold blood makes me wonder what type of game you play. seems more of the run n gun, dash to the nearest enemy and try to take them out. more offensive brutality than strategy. perks are ok in this game. can't complain much here.

this game is flawed with the connections and freezing, not the gameplay. flops 2, beta ops 2 but not worst-cod-game-2.

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Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

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goatforcce wrote:

Ive been playing this game since release day ive wracked up about 10 days play time and I am prestige master. It has now got to the point where I cant play more than 2 games online without turning my playstation off in frustration, this isnt because I am doing badly but because of some fundimental flaws and some terrible additions. MW3 was almost flawless to play as was MW2 and i wracked up nearly 40 hours between the 2 and could still continue to play those games today.

So here are the issues with BO2

Issue 1 - Lag/connection/servers - anybody who has played this game will tell you it has the worst connection issues of any FPS in a long long time, players generally feel they spend more time look at MIGRATING HOST than actually shooting the opposing team. The countless times you will have been killed, looked at the killcam only to see that the person who shot you actually shot about 3 feet to the side of you and is still getting hitmarkers. Treyarch you can deny it and ignore it all you want, these are simple not issues we have experience with COD before, MW3 was so smooth there were the odd occassion you would run into a laggy lobby but BO2 is massively inferior in this department.

Issue 2 - Partying - Getting incredibly fed up of not being able to play with friends and clan members because it simply wont join their lobby, ive spent literally hours of getting booted to the MP main menu trying to link up with friends. COD is all about teaming up and especially with the introduction of clans via COD Elite this should be something that is a source of further enjoyment not further frustration.

Issue 3 - Respawns - I cannot be the only one who realises that there is something fundimentally wrong with respawns on BO2, I have simply lost count of the amount of times I have been respawned with the enemy team, this is again something you just didnt see on previous COD games (or at least not to the same extent). BO2 is more about shooting someone in the back than it is about getting into a real good scrap and this is because respawns for whatever reason just dont work on this game.

Issue 4 - Weapons - personally i find that the MTAR, MP7 and the Remington are superior to a lot of the weapons that are unlocked later on, there is very little by way of weapon progression on BO2 (and actually to be fair this is a problem I have had with the COD franchise for a while). I want to know that leveling up is going to be rewarded with better weapons but i consistently find that many of the later weapons just arent as good as even the first weapons.

Issue 5 - Target Finder - I am sorry but this is one of the worst additions to any FPS ever! Whoever thought it was a good idea to give players a piece of equipment that allowed you to see excactly when someone comes within sight is a moron. This is being exploited to the max by people using LMG's with this attachment so they can literally stay put in a decent part of the map and effectively make themselves a sentry gun. It takes all the fun out of the game, isnt COD about fast paced action? Being quicker on the trigger button than the opposing player?

Issue 6 - Explosive Damage - Explosives do way too much damage on this game, they need to be toned down a fair bit because right now a grenade 5ft from you has a pretty decent chance of killing you even if you arent already hurt (ok arguably this is more realistic than in previous games, but seriously who plays COD for the realism?)

Issue 7 - Perks - Almost all of the perks on this game are useless, Awareness is the last perk unlocked in the 3rd perk slot and is literally pointless unless you have a very good pair of headphones or you have your sound turned up very loud, it simply doesnt work. How many people use anything other than Toughness or Scavenger on Perk 2?

Issue 8 - Hard Freezing - Treyarch of all the issues in this game this is probably A. the most frustrating and B. the most worrying. Lets face it any piece of technology be it PC, Phone or Console should very rarely hard freeze and if your device starts doing it regularly you start to worry. I have a PS3 slim less than 2 years old, I have never had any problems with it before buying this game. I currently have it placed ontop of a cooling fan that can be used for consoles and PC's and helps to keep it well aired so it doesnt overheat. There is no way that a game should cause my PS3 to crash like this game does, and Treyarch you can tell us it is our fault till your blue in the face it wont change the fact it is the game that is doing it, plain and simple.

For me the MW series is superior to the BO series and I always look forward to MW releases a hell of a lot more. It has a longer life, runs a lot smoother and lets face it, it is a hell of a lot more fun. I am not saying I hate BO2 or that I am going to stop playing it because I actually feel that there are alot of good ideas in this game and I think it had/has the potential to be on of the best games in the COD franchise but it has been ruined by issues such as match making and server problems that ripping all the fun out of it. Personally I cant wait for this November when I will have a game that is truly worth playing for the whole year. Unless Treyarch can make some vast improvements I am not sure I will buy the next installment of BO.

Issue 2: only ever seen this happen when one person or another has a moderate-strict NAT type.

Issue 3: the same things have been said about all the CoDs. I dont know what game you have played, but It doesnt matter what Game series it is. Halo, gears, CoD... MW3 had the WORST spawns in any game i have ever played. It is the only game i have ever played where i consistently spawned in the same exact spot and at the same exact moment as another player.

Honestly, how do you guys forget that this crap existed just as bad as now?

Issue 4: just because you dont find anything else useful does not make them so.

Issue 5: I can name a ton of far worse additions to the CoD series. One man army, Danger close, Death streaks, MW3's theater system, Infinite tubes, the MP7, Set-rep pro, pathetic excuses for killstreaks.

Issue 6: really... you complain about explosives yet claim Modern tubefest 2 was awesome? are you nuts or just looking for things to add to the list?

Issue 7: the perks/weapons/attachments are almost perfectly done in this game. im begininng  to think you never played any of the other CoDs or enjoyed the broken aspects of the system.

For example, Even with awareness on I Can not hear you from across the map, nor can i hear you with Ninja on. in MW3 ninja was a utterly useless perk. the perk was devoid of meaning if the other team had that perk on. the ONLY way to counter that perk is to crouch walk everywhere. In BO 2, if you want the same kind of "power" perks used to give, you need to combine them. which means you will have to give something up for that. How is it less balanced to have a give and take system?

Issue 8: I have seen many people from PS complain about freezing. but its not just CoD that gets complaints about it.

Mw3 was alright, it had a ton of issues. MW2 is my #1 most hated games of all time. and I have played alot of games. I have played alot that had issues. But never, have I played a game that had the level of issues that MW2 had. I PROMISE YOU, If we compare lists of issues that people say exist in BO 2 to the ones people complained about in MW2, BO 2 WILL win. 

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Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

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1. The connection is WAY better than in MW2 & MW3 (at least on ps3).

2. Ok, partying doesn't always work flawless, but if you know which people are good leaders (in terms of: others can always join them), you won't have a big problem

3. I don't really have a problem at all with the respawns (I mainly play Headquarters), but I do remember that both MW2 and MW3 had some terrible respawn problems (as well). Nuketown can be pretty chaotic though.

4. No, the weapon balance is the best EVER in Call of Duty. There has not been a single other cod in which there wasn't one overpowered and overused gun. Yes, a few guns are underpowered, but that's not really a big issue. People who say the MTAR is overpowered haven't tried the FAL (with select fire) and vice versa. Those who say the smg's are overpowered haven't tried some good ARs and vice versa.

The SMGs all have their pro's and cons: I hear people say that the MP7, the Skorpion, the PDW and the MSMC are all overpowered... well they almost mentioned all smg's.

The Remington is annoying, but not overpowered because of it's limited range.

And people underestimate LMGs: The LSAT is great as well for example.

My all time favorite would be the FAL with Select Fire, Quickdraw and a Target Finder/Red Dot, but I don't see a lot of other people running around with it.

5. The target finder is good, but not in all scenarios. To some extent it can also be countered with Cold-Blooded. It feels like it adds some recoil as well. It's powerful, but I'd never put a Target Finder on an smg for example.

6. Here I just started laughing. The launchers are SO weak in this game, remember MW2 where everyone was running around with RPG's and noobtubes, getting multi-kills... you never see that happen in Black Ops 2. The explosive equipment can be annoying, but that's because people spam it, not because they're so powerful. Run Flak Jacket and you won't have a problem at all.

7. Perks useless? A few maybe, but what about:

Tier 1: Ghost, Flak Jacket, Hardline. (And Blind Eye/Lightweight aren't useless at all either).

Tier 2: Toughness, Scavenger (only Hard Wired is actually useless really.)

Tier 3: Tactical Mask, Dexterity, Extreme Conditioning (and in S&D Dead Silence & Awareness aren't useless too)

8. BO2 hasn't frozen in 2 months now. Only just after the release I had this problem...

Overall, Black Ops 2 is my favorite CoD game ever (yes, I even prefer it to CoD4), mainly because of the balance (weapons, perks, pick-10 system in general). I had a lot of fun with MW2 as well (even though it was broken), but MW3 was not good at all...

Treyarch has sometimes been underestimated as a developer; imo it's superior to IW and way more innovative.

The only thing that I want is some good maps (hopefully in the map packs), because that's the only thing I don't really like in this game (some are good, but a lot simply aren't), which is weird because I know they can (WaW had amazing map design)

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