Where the hell did he come from?

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The overall thread was just to be fun and ridiculous, but it actually brought up a lot of stories that supported my thread. It was after that more and more coincidences started to come to light

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Re: Where the hell did he come from?

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Admitting this thread can change a bit I'll post other things that really happens to me and for which my only explanation is that it's the engine cheating me (us). Besides this issue (getting killed by dont know who, then watch kill cam, then I see they were in front of me but I couldnt see them wtf, really??), I have 2 more strange issues that I cant really understand:

--- The first one isnt easy to describe (English not my native language but i'll try) using an exemple: I see a door or I know I have a door for exemple at my right, I turn right but when im in position to enter that door itt happens those wtf moments where Im always killed: I cant enter that door, its like I crush against a wall, and while im thinking "wtf??" yes, I get killed. In Killcam I see a noob (me) crushing against a wall. Dont know if i explained it good but this is happening a lot to me (like 3-4 times a day). Its like the engine doesnt let me get inside that door because I was already killed in others point of view (with the lag delay), so I get crushed against walls. Everytime this happens BAM Im insta-dead.

--- Other one are the "magical grenades". I mean, there are a lot of grenade spammers, and there are also the frags that can slide, I know that, but sometimes there are magical grenades: I see the icon of the grenade telling me it's close but even If I start running for far away its like the grenade BAM explodes right on my face... Which leads me to the question: would I survive If I stood still?

As for today's note: im killed more and more through walls (dam todays evening was like 10-15 times, I had to turn-off my PS3). Snipers firing aginst a wall and im dead. SMG's firing against walls and im dead. Wtf?? I never get those kind of kills but im killed like this all the time...Really?? Today's evening was an WTF evening: I didnt get killed by people that actually was better than me and shot me in the face or something: was just stuff like this: magical grenades, getting insta.killed through walls, and crushing myself against walls where there should a be a dam door or window!...

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Re: Where the hell did he come from?

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I get those WTF moments all the time. But hey its Black Pooops and poooop happens that shouldn't.

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Yes I think it has happened to me as well, I just figured I was lagging and they were still coming around the corner on my screen while for them they were already there.

I think this has happened to me on zombies too.

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Re: Where the hell did he come from?

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     I had this happen a few times just last night.  I looked at a doorway, then started to go up steps when I die.  The Killcam shows me clearly in the middle of the room when this guy sees me and he pulls up and shoots me as I'm turning for the steps.  I never saw him, even though he was right in front of me.

     The worst though is when you KNOW a guy is right around the corner, so you hug a barrel and ADS.  3 seconds later he comes around and you start shooting as soon as you see him, but you are the one that dies.  This drives me nuts, because in no way is he supposed to win that gunfight.  You are already ADS and waiting, ready to shoot.  He is moving with his gun down, but he pulls up and kills you before you can even react on the killcam.  Terrible.

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