What does the hardline perk do?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I know in previous games it was 1 less kill to acheive a killstreak, but in this game vahn said it would be something like a 25% bonus to your scorestreak. yet when im playing domination, it still says 50 points for a kill, 50 for neutral position secure, etc. Is the bonus only added on to your scorestreak bar? Or do you actually get a 25% score bonus from using hardline? So far my highest scorestreak is the VTOL warship, which I got without using hardline, then went back to using hardline and found that it seemingly had no effect.

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I don't know, I just quit using it.  I have a hard time doing anything in this game.  Blammo, dead.  Spawn.  Blammo, dead.

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You earn pointstreaks quicker. It tells you what it does when you select it

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I was kinda wondering same thing. It's a valid question.

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