What did your update do to benefit the players?

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tensor32 wrote:

If I could beat the sh!t out of you people at Treyarch and not get charged for assault I would because you guys made a piece of sh!t game and now I can't even get the the full amount of money back that I paid for it.

"I don't like your product so I'll beat you up."  Clearly they will now fear you and tack a printout of your post on the bulletin board, so that everyone can understand the gravity of the situation.  Because as we all know, throwing a temper tantrum and threatening violence is the best way to get your complaints addressed.

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Re: What did your update do to benefit the players...

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I know its only a game but all the things that happened in black ops 1 are repeating themselfs ffs...ln black ops 1 it was utter crap at the start with loads of problems... But hell blops2 is even worse how how have they learn't nothing....... I now set my ps3 mtu to 1300 limit my upload on router to 9% and play wireless  just to give me a shit connection so i dont host and helps a little with the lag compensation crap..... But it lags like hell but im hard to kill haha

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Re: What did your update do to benefit the players...

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I've tried this in BO, MW3 and BO2, it did not help in any of those games other than the fact that it might be slightly less laggy if you don't get host. Certainly it did no put me in "god mode" or even level the playing field in any way. I think 1308 was the lowest MTU i got the game still searcing matches for me.

I tried this today for BO2 after being lagged behind 1s the rest of the players in every match i got, it actually made the experience even worse and for some reason i found myself 3 barring. Then put everyting back to the optimal settings, reboot my gear, went back to getting instakilled and until finally got a lucky break and found a lobby with a good connection which lasted 1 whole match.... Naturally after the game almost half of the lobby left and the replaments made it a horrible experience once again.

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