What can Black Hat actually hack?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Hi, I'm interested in potentially using this in some of my classes, but I can't seem to find any information on what exactly it can hack as on the game, it just states enemy equipment and care packages.

What exactly is considered equipment? Is it just bouncing betties, shock charges and the like, or can you hack sentry guns and guardians?

I've heard some people say you can hack UAVs, is this possible? (I tried this, aimed at the UAV, pressed L2 but nothing happened)

Also, can you hack hunter killer drones if your quick enough?

Please could someone give me some more info on what this can actually hack?



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i laid two bettys and a shock charge, and when i died from my own betty, i saw the guy hack a device from a floor below!?  i think it's awesome, but possibly overpowered?

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It's not overpowered, you only get to use it once per life...

*edit... you can hack equipment like Betty's/Claymore's etc but with things like Guardian and Sentry you destroy them.

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The Black Hat allows you to Hack Enemy Equipment and Scorestreaks so yes you can and I have on numerous occasions hacked UAVS and Counter-UAVS as well as choppers, sentry guns, guardians and AGR's. Ive not had chance to hack any dragonfires yet though.

In order to hack you have to aim at the target until the bar on the black hat fillls up, if your aim doesn't stay on (or very close to ) the target it will stop and you will have to start again, same can be said for not being close enough to hack the target. For instance you can get in line of sight with a sentry gun or guardian and then back away to cover whilst its hacking but if you move to far away it will stop working.

You can also hack enemy equipment such as bouncing betty's and shock grenades.

I wouldn't say it's overpowered either seen as you have to be able to see the equipment or scorestreak in order to hack it which also means most people will have the Engineer perk equipped so thats 2 or 3 slots taken depending on how many black hats you have equipped. There is also the fact that it takes longer than a missile when hacking scorestreaks. Equipment is instant though but as I said you've got to see it 1st.

The reason it probably didn't work for you is because the UAV was your teams or you wasn't aiming at it, if you have 2 controllers then try setting up a custom game and play 1v1 so you can practice hacking the various scorestreaks and equipment so you get use to it. Thats what I do when trying new stuff, just don't forget to setup the classes and scorestreaks lol

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So far I've only not been able to hack the Orbital VSAT (duh).  Lethal and tactical quipment you take over, killstreaks blow up. Attempted, but not yet succed

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Actually it may be overpowered because it can hack a lot and when I say a lot I mean A LOT of things.

As of now the things you can hack with the black had pda are as follows

  • Shock Charges
  • C4
  • Bounting Betties
  • Claymores
  • Trophy Systems

It can be used through walls and has a relatively long range. You are also capable of hacking scorestreaks with the black hat pda. You can hack AGRs, Dragonfires, Sentry Guns and Guardians and the pda is descrbed as having a "long range" in respect to the distance from which you can hack these items.

It also seems that you can hack the UAV, stealth Chopper, Escort Drone, Counter Uav and VTOL Warship however hacking the aforementioned will destroy the equipment and not convert them. The range from which the pervious can said to be hacked is infinite (I know right?!?!?, hey I'm just reading from the website) In addition some scorestreaks will require more than one pda to hack, some two, some three.

If hacking a helicopter with flares the hack will detonate the flares but leave the helicopter intact unless a second pda is used or anti air class. If a friendly player calls in a care package and you attempt to hack it with the pda the capture time will be slightly slower, 0.5 seconds. The same is applicable to enemy care packages, in addition the hacked care package will be booby trapped and you will receive their scorestreak.

The tier 3 perk engineer would be the obvious choice to run with the black hat pda

Taken from the call of duty black ops 2 wikipedia page.


If all of the above is true then it will have some serious implications on player choices and class loadouts, especially if the hack is faster than locking on with a launcher. The list of things you can hack with it is pretty staggering.

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You can hack equipment and skill streaks that are placed, but you can only actually use few things that are hacked. Claymores, shock charges, bouncing bettys, trophy system i believe are yours when hacked, others are destroyed when hacked. TBH though if your destroying guardian or sentry gun, emp grenade destroys them instantly and your less likely to die.

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Its not overpowered, it would be if you 'hacked' an enemies UAV and turned it to yours, but it doesn't, it just destroys it. Its only really worth it in Search & Destroy, try it with Engineer, it works a treat on Equipment. The range is unlimited on UAV, and anythihng in the air i think. Ground based Killstreaks you can be quite a fair way but you need to have it in your crosshairs and it takes about 4-5 seconds to destroy, which usually means some dudes spawned behind us and killed me before i finish.

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It certainly isn't overpowered (god, I am so sick of hearing that phrase again !!)

You can only use the PDA once and it's gone until you die & respawn, it takes quite a bit of time to hack certian things .. a good chance you'll die before completing.

Overpowered would be ulimited use and/or instantanious "hack"

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