What are the piece of equipment like radio and other stuff that you find on campaing for ?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

what are the stuff that you find in campaing i found a radio and tuck it in one of the beggining mission but in the mission i never use that radio for anything so it may server another purpose or what can someone explain to me ?

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Sounds you just found Intel, which go towards Level challenges that you complete to unlock extra things like other weapons to arm yourself with, more abilities you can equip, and so on so after you beat the game, you can replay mission levels and equip weapons and/or abilities you didn't have initially.

Unfortunately, unlike the first Black Ops game, there's no "hidden intel" to read up on. All they contribute in this game is towards completing level challenges, each Level having 3 Intel a piece.

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getting all will also unlock a trophy

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