Well I changed TV and..

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Re: Well I changed TV and..

Give it time, it will fix it's self as you get used to the size. I know the feeling went from a 26" computer screen to an 18", playing any game made it look weird, and playing those fps... well I don't like talking about the early stages of the new screen. lol

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Re: Well I changed TV and..

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yeah I will force myself to get used to it.  It is a better TV (the 47" is a rear projection dying a slow death)

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Re: Well I changed TV and..

You might want to move your chair closer to the TV.  I know when I went from a 27" to a 30" which doesn't seem like much, I had to back my chair up because I was seeing too much blur when I turned and it was throwing me off.  Not to mention the difficulties of just adjusting your hand eye coordination for the change in size.  That inch to the left movement on a big screen takes a lot less stick movement than it does on a smaller screen.

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Re: Well I changed TV and..

It happens to me when I sit closer to my TV aswell, it's strange and everything moves much faster.

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