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I'll quick scope a guy straight to the chest with fmj on and it'll still say hit maker. Treyarch should make more damage for that gun definitely. It's bullshit most of the time.

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FMJ doesn't add any damage, so that point is irrelevant. Also that fact that you're quick scoping means that you probably shot then aimed in a very split second, making it so the shot hit but it didn't hit where you were aiming for.

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exactly what i was going to say

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People like you are exactly why the sniper rifles in this game are garbage IMO. If people didn't quickscope they could make them ohk weapons. Buuut since people don't use them like they are supposed to, those of us who actually enjoy sniping get punished.

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i second this.

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You're meant to use the gun anyway you want, you own the game. There's nothing wrong with quickscoping, if you don't like it, BF3's price just reduced.

EDIT: The sniper's aren't garbage, it's the people not knowing how to use them.

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I have them diamond, I know how to use them, and other than the DSR, none of them are good as sniper rifles. In HC they do what sniper rifles are supposed to do.  But not in core(once again the DSR is decent).

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Not all snipers are rush down sniper.

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First, all snipers are OHK weapons depending on where you hit them on the body. It doesn't matter if you quickscope or not.  If a QSer hits the enemy in the head, its a kill. If a person who uses the sniper "correctly" and hits the head, it's still a kill.

Second, how exactly is someone who likes to QS punishing other snipers who dont? The QSers have nothng to do with how you play, do they? You dont go "well, I really want to snipe today but I cant because of QSers! They ruin this game for me beause they're not allowing me to do what I want! They control me!" Of couse not. Play how you want to play, do what you want to do. 

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The Ballista doesn't have the same body multipliers as the DSR so it will get a few more hitmarkers. Learn to aim up because the Ballista is a 1 hit kill to the chest and up.

Don't be afraid to aim a little longer then a split second and if anyone calls you a 'hardscoper' because you are using a sniper rifle in the way it was intended then they are an idiot.

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