Upset and Dissapointed - This is what happened to Nuketown

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Re: Upset and Dissapointed - This is what happened...

I didn't pre-order but went instead to a midnight release. Would I have done that if I'd have known Nuketown would be gone after a few days? No, no I would not. In fact, there's a 50% I wouldn't have bought the game at all.

I was not overly excited about the game as a whole but the idea of playing Nuketown all the time if the rest of the game wasn't fun is what made me take a punt on it. Now I have a game that I'm already beginning to find major flaws with and it's just gotten worse.

At this rate I'll be playing Black Ops 2 like it's an old release and will be making MW3 my go to game again. Despite that games flaws it has some soul and is a good laugh. This so far...not so much.

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Re: Upset and Dissapointed - This is what happened...

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If you ask me, this was false advertising. No where in any of my packaged fine print does it state avalile for a few days, and then custom maps only...who other than kids plays custom maps???? It's bad enough we have to wait a month past xbox for dlc. I got over that awhile ago, as that will never change...but this, this one takes the cake. Minus the horrid lag fest of multiplayer+ the loss of a map I thought I was getting as a perk for preordering=one fail ass game period. I am going back to MW3. This is shameful. Time to trade in my copy of this crap. Sad part is, I cannot even get full price back for this. Last time I buy a treyarch/activition game. EPIC FAIL.

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Re: Upset and Dissapointed - This is what happened...

rlbl wrote:

    Nuketown 2025 / 24-7 will be back for special events. You can always play it with your friends in Custom Games. 


Question: Would you have pre-ordered it if you knew?

I didnt play it much but that is a low blow to those who thought it was an exclusive thing.

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Re: Upset and Dissapointed - This is what happened...

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I think the marketing and business decisions that are being made are very poor (unless I have miss-read something somewhere... which is totally possible).

When they indicated that NTZ was going to be part of the season pass, I already questioned why they released that information after most HE and CP editions were purchased, sold out and shipped.

And now this? Even the standard pre-orders are useless*.  And considering most people (speaking not for myself but the entire community) could not play on the 2XP weekend (in whole or in part), most would have been better off not buying the game (yet).

* Useless is a strong word: what I mean is someone going into a store today and picking up a copy in regular hours would have the same benefits as all the people who pre-ordered, or went to a midnight release (unless you like coins and themes)


I like the game and will have fun playing it, but Activision... this is my last one.  Thanks for the run(s).

(and before anyone says: "They never said it was going to be up forever"... did they say the opposite either?)

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Re: Upset and Dissapointed - This is what happened...

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Hey where is the Nuketown map gone? I only left the PS3 for an hour before. I was playing it fine and now it's not there i haven't even switched of my console??? Can they do that? So why did i pre order this game if it's gone??


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