Treyarch please put a warning saying this game can corrupt your playstation 3

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

It is unfair for people to play then figure out their ps3 is nolonger working because they were just trying to play the video game.

Treyarch can add it to the message of the day so they know the risk of playing this game as of right now because some people

really don't know that this game will make your game freeze and possibly not play the game again after restart which happened to this guy.

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Message to this cie...

Less marketing... Better programming

Bunch of loser.. Shame on this crew

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This game is absolutely horrid.  Treyarch should offer a mass recall/refund for the subpar product they pushed out. 

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Black Ops 1 did the exact same thing to my Ps3 man.. I left the game running just at the online main menu while I went to go cook supper, and I came back maybe 30-45mins later to go play. The first game froze while in the lobby so I reset the Ps3 and my disk drive never worked again. Luckily I'm financially stable so I just went and bought another Ps3 the following day, But I can see how this would piss people off. It is completly unacceptable from a billion dollar if not near billion dollar company to be getting away with stuff like this. Im sure if enough people are reporting this problem Legal action can be taken against Activision/Treyarch

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MW3 killed 2 of my ps3.  I bought a new one right before black ops.  I also got the exteneded gamestop warranty. 

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I've had my ps3 go through the "restoring file system thing" about 5 times (not all from BO2) and it's working just fine. Maybe the guy turned off the power when it was trying to restore.

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Here's the problem:

The game freezes and causes you to shut your PS3 down the brutal way, and your Playstation can handle that. But what I don't understand is why people CONTINUALLY try to play this game if they know it's freezing their PS3. Of course it's going to fail, just stop. Be nice to your PS3 and it will be nice to you by continuing to work

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yeah damn people for trying to play a game they bought.  You're right, it's clearly the patrons fault.  It's not like everyone knows that only SOME ps3 games are compatible with your... ps3...  oh...  oh right.  Hm.  Why would someone keep trying? 

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The warning should state that the game was put out without it working an they know it's garbage

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