Treyarch makes good cods but...

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

But which one? I don't think the community would ever reach a consensus.

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Call it the COD gun. It fires bullets and requires at least one hand to hold.

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I agree they should make SMGS better (range attachment / P and all should have 3 bullet kill ability in their zone (2) in the head for the high damage guns). How often did the 20 clip smgs get used in blops? Also no AR should have the fire rate, power and accuracy combo the Famas-(aug) has / had. Ar / SMG balance is much better in mw3. Overall gun balance not so much. Black ops2 needs more diverse fire rates and recoil patterns, but not one combo of it all (famas), especially on an ar, as they are good all over the field.

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In the last four CoDs what where the mosty oped guns? mp40, ump, ak74, & mp7. yeah lets buff them

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I feel they need to be actual, machine pistols. Not mini ARs. The AK74 is basically an AR.

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Bar for waw, ars were the dominated class. Ump was the only smg that really got used in mw2 as most lacked range. That's not balance. I'm still for nerfing the mp40 to its pc standards.

Mw3 has good ar / smg balance. You need to have good aim to out-gun people holding an ar on ar range with the mp7, since it does not have ar aim assist and needs 5 plus bullets compared to 3 plus of the ar (neglecting headshots).

In blops the only two smgs that actually got used were the mp5k and 74u mainly, since many shoot marshmallows in their cqb zone and of course the imbalance of the famas & aug in their zone.

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Treyarch have always been good at game-balancing in general, but especially good with the guns.

Players will always make OP lists right after release and for WAW the MP40 was mentioned constantly, but it didn't really effect the gaming, just the frequency of seeing it used. Sure it was powerful and sprayed well, plus you could SMG-snipe with it but its damage and accuracy dropped off worse than the other SMG's.

I thought Black Ops was superb with balancing and was beyond disappointed with all of MW3 - so it was not a surprise that LMG's were next to pointless.

Treyarch will balance the guns fine I'm convinced.

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LOL op thinks mw3 guns are well rounded

we all know that spraying an xm 25 in hardcore takes skill /sarcasm

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WEll rounded like MW3 eh?So you want 3-4 OP guns, and a lot of under powered guns?

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