Treyarch Please encourage people to play LEAGUE PLAY

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

First: Congratulations (on getting host & getting 60-90 kills easily all the time) - you have a truly wonderful connection & I honestly *envy* you. [OR, may be the other players on your enemy team always have a bad ping to you]


Next: "but i watched 1 video and he says no lag comp so therefore its wrong" I just hope this ONE video is from 3arch/AV - and it's an official one. I hope it's not just a YouTube video. And, I also hope you have a link & would be generous to share it here.



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MN, it's the same video that has been around the top of the threads for the last week. It's a youtuber doing what he does best, getting mindless people to buy into his crap to feed his channel. Lame, people need to grow up and do some research every once in a while.

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The video i watched that says there is no lag comp was made by JNasty720 (thats his youtube channel) i couldnt remember which videos cause it was awhile ago and he uploads like 2-3 a day. he says "if you're the host and you're doing bad then you suck" at one part.. and he continues to that there is no lag comp. of course, he is just a gameplay commentator.. im pretty sure he didnt do any research or anything..

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i tried LP twice. once, it took what felt like 20mins to find a match. the game was also unplayable. the game looked to be running at 1fps at times. i tried another time. same thing.

no thanks.

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Fix the game first.

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Yes Treyarch encourage good players to play league play so me and my friends can pub stomp noobs

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I had no interest in playing this pointless mode before launch, have no interest in playing it ever, e-sports is a just ego driven pro-noobs with zero talent

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Double XP towards Public match rank if you play league one weekend?????? Just a thought.....

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I hate league play. Most games end up being 1 v 4 after the first minute or so. The 4th person stays in the game forcing the rest of my team to sit and wait until the game is over. Quitting a league play match should result in a huge penalty like being banned from the servers for 24hrs or so. I have yet to play more than 5 matches (most of the time even 1 match) without the other team quitting before it ends

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A ban may be good, but all the connection loss and DC from host lots of people will get a ban when the game kicks them out. That would be a bigger problem.

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