Treyarch - 15 Simple things that can make BOPS2 more balanced....Let's get the party started and eat some cake.

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I believe the complaints about Engineer, EMP Grenades and Guardians is short sided and feel over-powered because people are still learning the game.

Engineer: People are using this because Dead Silence and Awareness do not work very well in this game for most. Using TB PX5's at a high volume, I still have a hard time hearing enemy footsteps but hear teammate footsteps extremely well. I believe once this has been fixed a little, plus extreme conditioning getting used more once the game's spawns and lag calm down a bit, Engineer will not be used as often. Engineer is just the easiest to use right now because people are still hiding behind betties and gives the player a general idea where the enemy is.

EMP Grenades: I understand the frustration with these killing your Sentry guns real quick but Treyarch never meant for your Sentry to get tons of kills for you. When the game first came out, my brother got a sentry and he was getting 20+ kills a game with it on HCTDM because people didn't know how to deal with them. Once people start using TIs, Sensor Grenades more, and Flash/Concussions, EMP grenade spam will slow down.

Guardian: I have only been killed 2x by these and both times, it was on CTF and I got a little ballsy to see if I can run through it to get a flag. All these do is block a path and if you are insistant enough to try to run into a microwave, you deserve to die.

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Bitching about all that stuff when because of LAG; LAG COMPENSATION and CRAPPY MATCHMAKING you dont even know how the weapons really work... I give you the point on SPAWNING though... Still all stuff mentioned above shold be fixed first... But to continue:

AR wins over SMG in middle and long range unleass you are awful with it.

RANGE does nothing on SMGs - same bullets needed to kill... It does increase range on shotgun bullets though...

1 out of 100 care-packages can change the match outcome - i thinks that would be fair

PS had about 100 carepackages AND could change their content - 2x drone; 3x EMP, 1x ROBOT - which gave me AN EMPTY BOX!!! all other low scorestreaks...

Read shit before you post shit...

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I disagree with everything you have to say other then 7,11, and 14. First time i used a care package I got K9 and it was pretty fun. But those 3 are my biggest beef with the game I feel.

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I'm not complaining per se, I didn't say to really remove anything, just suggestions for how to improve the game. In the end it gets boring if you need to play with generally the same guns (smgs)and perks etc as everyone else if the game isn't balanced properly, hence why I have suggested things to make it more balanced. Personally I think care packages are dumb anyway, its just a way or rewarding crap players, but back fires as everyone uses them. also in response about core vs hardcore, I like hardcore as its more realistic on how many bullets kill but prefer core in that I can see everything, I just don't see why hardcore just doesn't have the map showing?

Plus I do adapt unfortunately the only way to do it is to use the same kinda of class everyone else is as some of the perks are overpowered and some don't work

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