Treyarch - 15 Simple things that can make BOPS2 more balanced....Let's get the party started and eat some cake.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

This game just like every other game has balancing issues, it also has people who don't like certain things and others who disagree.

The list below is hopefully something everyone agrees on.

1. Engineer - With this perk you shouldn't be able to see enemy equipment and just run through them? It should do one or the other, probably seeing them is better. Doing both just allows enemies to run around with their smg's and ghost and dont have a care in the world. If they want to destroy the equipment quickly, then throw an emp.

2. SMG's - They are maybe a little overpowered, already been confirmed by Treyarch they are to be nerfed, when about 80% of people use them, then there is something wrong.

3. EMP Grenades - They are very handy, but should they be able to just destroy everything so quickly? I mean you work hard to get a sentry gun and then 2 secs later someone has thrown an emp grenade and boom its gone, maybe people should only be allowed one sentry at a time, and an emp only disables it for 10 secs until it reboots, giving you time to destroy it...or something like that, maybe an emp dsiables it, making it weaker so easier to shoot...or decrease the range of the emp effect....or maybe it shouldnt penetrate walls? Not sure....but EMP grenades need reviewed.

4. UAV's - Yeah I agree that they are a little bit easy to get, 300 points, that is one flag capture and one kill in the likes of domination for example. Look at it this way, you get 900 points and get a war machine, you get says 8 kills with it, or even a stealth chopper, and it gets you 10 kills, a uav may not necessarily get 'YOU' 10 kills but maybe for the team it did....Now I'm not saying make it extremely high to obtain, but something arond 500 scorepoints would be more satisfactory.

5. Care Package - I use them sometimes and I know the likely hood of getting something good like a K9 unit are slim, but when someone does...its annoying....Care Package's should have a limit on what you can get. with the top 4 or 5 score streaks out of bounds. A good care package can literaly win you a it now this game comes down to luck?

6. Guardian - Shouldn't kill you, even in Hardcore, should only be supression. This would also help with spawn killing on certain maps.

7. Spawning - It still baffles me on why it is so bad every game, I understand it's probably hard to program, but what about allowing teammates to spawn on each other, or splitting each map into zones, and when you die, you can pick a zone to spawn into. Obviously on certain game types the zones would need cut back to spot people spawing where they want, but especially spawning on teammates is something to look at, would def make the game more tactical and if people still die from spawning it was their choice to spawn there.

8. Grenades - THe bog standard grenades seem a bit pants this year....not sure why

9. Core or Hardcore - The problem I have with Core is the hit detection and what parts of body I hit seems to make no difference, I don't know why they just dont make it that in Core it takes a few less shots to kill someone, I for one would happily play core. It just seems a bit too inconsistent at the minute and always has. In the end of the day if you shot someone twice in the chest, I think they would die not 5 times....Next we will have shields and be playing Halo

10. Headshots - Should be instant death with any weapon, It does my head it when all I can see is someones head and I put two shots in and no death? I can only see his head???

11. Height Perspective - This needs fixed for the next cod, its kinda of silly really when you think about it, You see someone of on the distance behind a rock and can maybe only see the tip of their head and on their screen they can see over the rock clearly and see you making you an easy target with you not knowing if they can see you or not.

12. Prestige unlock Tokens - So basically by 4th or 5th prestige you can have the weapon you love, attachment, Ghost and claymores....what is the point? Seems a bit easy.

13. CUAV - Maybe make it the same points to obtain as UAV, maybe balance it out a bit.

14. Sound - The sound doesn't seem to work, a bit like black ops 1, its very hard to hear footsteps and the enemy, even when they are planting etc. This needs looked at....and yes I do use a headset.

15. SPM - THis shouldnt dictate what game mode you play, someone needs to sit down with a calculator and do a bit of maths and try to balance all the game modes out, whether it's by making the match xp more or less on certain game modes, dont get me wrong I like most game types but some people don't, so I dont see why you should be punished for playing S&D, epescially if your good and it doesnt matter because spm is poor on it.

Thats my 15 problems I can think at the moment.....Lets get this Post going, hopeuflly treyarch notice and fix some of the above....Also feel free to leave your suggestions...oh and these are my views and your views may differ.

Also Camping......You cant camp, every window is climbable, every building has at least two ways in.....if you get killed they adjust for next time.

Also certain game modes you need balance through your team, defence and attack. so some people have to stay back...get over it and adjust your class or your stragety......ADAPT!!!


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If this is a wish list, i'd like to see the KSG shooting buck shot instead of slugs.  It's very weird to play.  Kind of like a very short range sniper rifle or MK 14 from mw3.  Maybe that's just me.

more hard core game types please.  oh, and ricochet instead of getting booted when your team mate runs into your line of fire.  :-)

personally, i'm not really enjoying the SMGs as I feel like they all play very similarly.  In older games you had the p90 which was way fast and jumpy, then the mp7 that was more stable, and the uzi's from MW2.  Just seemed like the difference were more pronounced.

Lack of side arms.  Machine pistols and 6 shooters.  more please.  :-)

i think that's all for now. 

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11. Height Perspective <<< This

I didn't know what killed me, I couldn't see anyone. I saw some shots coming through the box. Checked the kill cam and that guy could see me clearly. Head glitching has always been on all COD but seriously; in that B dom on hijacked, you can't see part of their head and you will get killed before you know what.

Spawn cannot be fixed when the maps are small like these. Enemies will be running all over the map so spawns are obviously gonna be messed up.

And I really wish they would fix the leaderboards based on SPM but the game type. Some glitchers or hackers are on the top with millions SPM when they have 0 captures and 0 defends.

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1. Engineer: This does not allow you to run through enemy equipment, not sure where you got that from.  It allows you to see them, and if you're smart you'll also have a black hat equipped to hack them, and then you can right through them.  Well, right through one per black hat.

2. Million thread already.

3. You're right, but so few people actually use EMP grenades that I haven't really had that problem.  And I play domination & run the sentry gun just about every match.

4. UAVs require 350 points, and Vahn has already stated that will be raised in the next patch.  I still think it's not needed, but whatever.

5. I agree, but I don't think that's going to change...and from the other perspective, it's the only way a lot of players will ever get to use high scorestreaks.  I had a FFA saved from BO1 where I actually stole someone's care package with dogs (well-placed blind nade FTW!) and yeah, I went from third place to an easy win very quickly.

6. Ehhh, I dunno.  I see your point, but there are much better ways to fix spawn killing (like revamping the spawn system).

7. It seems like players sometimes do spawn on teammates, especially in KC, but in other modes it's beyond broken as is.  Domination & HP spawns are some cases they won't flip even with an enemy sighted in on your spawn point, and in other cases they flip far too soon.  It's also well beyond annoying to die, sprint across the entire map, die again, sprint across the entire map again...ugh.

8. I think the lethal nades are pretty good as is.  I've had a few cases where I thought I should've had a kill but didn't get one, but I've also had my share of double- and triple-kills with them.

9. The solution is already there, in the form of HC game modes (and Vahn has also already tweeted that these will be expanded in the next update); if this was really something the majority wanted changed then more people would be playing hardcore.  Lag also plays a hand in sometimes needing too many hits to kill someone in Core matches.

10. Same as above, although headshot detection seems to be inconsistent based on the number of times I'll kill a headglitcher and not get a headshot for it.  Allowing anything to be a one-shot kill at range takes away the biggest reason to use sniper rifles; if you make the change you suggest then snipers become pointless as everyone will be running around one-shotting people with ARs and SMGs.

11. YES!  I notice this a lot in game, and it's beyond annoying.  You know someone is crouched behind a wall or car or whatever but you can't see a hair on their head, then next thing you know you're taking fire and dying only to see in the killcam that they had a perfect sight picture on you.

12. Saw this in another thread.  I don't think it's that big an issue, as between weapons, perks, equipment, and scorestreaks there are far more "useful" things to permanently unlock than you'll ever get tokens for.  But I would like to see a change where the prestige token becomes an option with each prestige, so if you opt to use that then you can't also get a new CaC slot or stat reset or whatever.

13. With the UAV's requirement going up they'll be closer to each other now.  My biggest thing is that the C-UAV should be available for unlock sooner in each prestige.

14. Good luck; this is Treyarch.  Fiddling with the audio settings will improve things a little.

15. Again, Vahn has already stated that the score for getting a kill in S&D will go up to 500 points vs. the current 250 in the next update.  That's a two-sided sword, though: you're going to see a lot more lethal streaks called in during S&D games now which will upset the balance between skill and luck.  One kill + 1 assist and suddenly a player has earned a hunter-killer drone or lightning strike, etc.

Some things I'd add:

16. Gold camo requirements - Kind of goofy and arbitrary at present by requiring either headshots or one-shot kills for every primary weapon class.  I think the shotguns are fine as they are, but sniper rifles should require headshots (not just one-shot kills) to get to the gold challenges, and LMG should require double-kills or maybe penetration kills instead of headshots.  ARs you can probably leave as is, and I'm not sure what would be a better requirement for SMGs.

17. Maps - It's obviously too late now, but when the DLC packs come out I'd love to see a bit more variety.  With the default maps it's just a matter of seeing whether I'm playing on a square or a rectangle every time; BO1 maps sucked for color (big improvement there) but at least had some individuality to them.

18. Better in-map coding - What I'm talking about is doing a much better job of making things act they way they look from the player's perspective.  A concrete pillar should stop bullets, while a shrubbery should not.  If a player can vault over a 5' tall shipping crate, why on earth can't you climb over the hood of a parked car?  This is just a lack of attention to detail.

19. Add more (semi-permanent) muting - Others have brought this up and it makes a ton of sense.  Add settings to your root "Options" folder which will affect all MP games, allowing you to set it so that nobody is automatically muted (default), all but your party is muted, or all chat period is muted.  I appreciate the in-lobby option which was added for BO2, but it still does nothing to help when you're throw into a game in progress, or when people join in midway through your match.

20. No longbarrel attachment for SMGs - This is, for lack of a better word, stupid.  If you want an automatic weapon with a long barrel, choose an AR.  Allowing weapons which many think already have far too much capability at range to increase that range even more is silly.  So is allowing LMGs to be suppressed, but that's not so much of an issue as I can't see anyone actually using that attachment.

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Engineer does delay triggered explosives.

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go read the engineer perk again you fool

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My biggest problem is the Party and Joining Match. 95% of time, yes almost all the freaking time I join games where they are absolutely raping the team. Most of your team would be split-screeners and you cannot comeback. You spawn-die, spawn -die. Totally frustrating; ruins KD ruins WL

Party: Total mess. You be with a party, join a game and half of your party members are left behind. They join again just be be placed on enemy team. When the game ends you can see them still in your party but they aren't. You cannot assign a party leader. You are creating class or setting up killstreak and your party goes looking for a game, everything cancels. Hell a lot of bugs in party.

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I've got a better idea, fix the actual problems with the game i.e. latency, bad spawns & match making. But leave everything else exactly as it is. As you stated at the end of your post ADAPT, this is the key to winning at this game, control your engagements and you will find that there is very little OP guns/perks/scorstreaks.

STOP COMPLAINING and start learning!

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