To all players who have major problems.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

This game is unplayable!So lets start.Admin dont delete this post becouse i will make then page/or facebook group where guys will have the chance to sign it.

First,i'm gonna blame u for robbing me for 60 EUR.And those 60 Eur was from my pocket where i must work the whole 8 hours to buy this s***.I especially buy this game just because of multiplayer like other COD series.So,where very nice that some one from devs start to answer if that lag,glitches will be fixed.Because i will bring back my game but seller won't take it back.Is that writen in EULA?So i want to sign petition.And i really hope that u guys will sign it too.Your money was stolen too,not only mines.

So maybe devs will start to answer or listen.

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Oh no! A facebook group! Treyarch is in trouble now.

(If a facebook group would have worked in the first place, you would have done it instead of wasting your time posting this)

Why would you buy a game that, in the past, never works well for the first month or two and expect something different?

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I never have problem with lag only in this crap so stfu

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I'd hardly call it 'Unplayable' ?! , Ive played for hours with no problems.

Stop your little tantrem and grow up man.

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Obviously you're not having the same issues as him you complete retard.

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WoW rob you are 1 of the 24 on this forum are the only 1 without probelms..hmmm do the math

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At first I was having problems with freezing and having to hard reset also so I took my ps3 out of the cabinet in placed it on top of the TV stand so the back and over the front  so the back hangs over the front of the TV  and I have not had a hard freeze since except if I play for 2 or 3 hours straight and that only happened 1 time since the first patch  in my own opinion I think the game is demanding too much and pushing are PS 3's to the limit and I think that that is why it overheating which is causing them to freeze now this is just my opinion and I'm probably 100 percent wrong I'm just telling you what has worked for me  now as far as lag I am only lag then I bac then I back out enjoying a ne enjoyin Amy Amy  a new lobby give it a try and see if what I said works anythings worth a

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