Tips for Getting Sniper Bloodthirstys

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Working on Diamond snipers and need tips or classes for getting Gold Ballista or Skulls camo.

Skulls Camo: 10 Weapon Bloodthirstys

I have tried hardcore, but haven't had any luck yet. I want that bling bling!

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Play Dom or Demo then find something to headglitch behind near the enemy spawn and just pick people off. Not the most honourable way of doing it but definately the easiest

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I got gold on the ballista. I don't remember it being that hard either.

I use it with acog or iron sights. It makes it a lot easier using either one of those sights this way you aren't limited to just long range. I also used laser sight because I felt it gave me a better idea of where my bust would go in a close quarter situation.

The perks I use are either hardline or flak jacket (or whatever you like), cold-blooded (this is a must, I can't stress it enough), and engineer or no 3rd perk at all.

I also use overkill as a wildcard this way I can use the vector in case I get into trouble (using a primary as a secondary is very important. You don't want to be at 4 kills and then a guy runs up on you and you get stuck with a sniper rifles vs a faster shooting gun). I also use c4 and smoke.

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I puke using the acog. I only ever use silencer and fast mag when quickscoping in hardcore

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I would say: don't run into gunfights, stay at a distance (unless you are a really good quickscoper), keep moving and never stay at one spot.

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ACOG  + silencer on HC with dexteirity as a perk.


Just an Acog on core and play GW.

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In hardcore use a silencer and extended mags.

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HC Domination on raid is being good to me atm. Got several bloods + a merciless just sitting in the window over B

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Pull the weapon up and aim down the sights, when an enemy player comes by shoot them. Do this 5 times then die, so that your count will start again. I'm kidding... Just don't try to run and gun with a sniper rifle because you will get pissed off when you get to 4 and some random shoots you. Just take your time and enjoy the rest. I have achieved maximum prestige and have diamond camouflage for every weapon including the combat knife. I'm not trying to brag, my point is that it just takes a little more patients with some of the weapons.  Take care and good luck.

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Use the tact insert in dom or demo and headglitch near their spawn with acog or ironsights, i did this with the dsr an got 7 in one game. Or you could just camp in the back of you spawn with dual band and wait for someone to comeby and only go 5-0 for the whole 10 min game

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