This is unacceptable. [@Activsion, pls read]

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Hello there.

I just had a game of Kill Confirmed. I played really well, I got about 30 Confirms and 10 denies. But we still lost because three of my members played for kills and didn't even bother to pick up tags. (They were "snipers"). But I am not here to complain about people going for the objectvie or not.

I am here becasue after the game (even thought we lost) I got a mail of some player (that I obviously had killed on to many times) that said this and I quote: "Sad that breivjik couldnt get more of you fagots". I am Norwegian and I am very offended by this. I know he got mad, but we cannot encourage this. People like this should be punished.

For those of you who don't know who Anders Behring Breivik is; He killed 69 people summer last year. He is our "version" of James Eagan Holmes (No offence meant). Activision I beg of you, please, you cannot let things like this go. Just to say it again, I usually don't care about these, but when a person says these kind of things because he got killed by me (they even won!) is absurd. This is a game, such actions against other players from different nationalites is wrong.


- Zahand, I apologize for any mistakes, I am not a native english speaker.

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The best thing to do is report the player for abuse , go to his profile and use the ingame reporting

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Yep, that is all you can do.

People need to file reports for crap like this, letting it slide just helps it grow.

Hate mail, hate based icons, racist, sexist, childish behavior... do your fellow gamers a favor and report it.

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I already did.

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Gambit & Doc are correct. Reporting it in game is the best way to go. Glad you did it.  - Claire

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