This game is NOT a joke!

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Re: This game is NOT a joke!

I've been playing COD multiplayer since BO1, never really dove into the MP on MW2 & 3, but for some reason I am super crazy about the gameplay in BO2.  I didn't even enjoy the multiplayer in BO1 like I do on this one.  I got some friends that I hit lobbies with and even playing solo I have a blast.  Sure, the game has its issues but placing those aside....this is a really fun game!  I'm 27 years old, so I enjoy the Virtual getaway from everyday stuff for an hour or two each day

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Re: This game is NOT a joke!

MAG was a good game and now out this year will be DUST 514 which will be linked with EVE Online which has millions of players a day and I am willing to bet it won't lag as much as this game

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Re: This game is NOT a joke!

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I played the DUST 514 beta and it didn't lag as much as BO2 does and it only in beta stage then again DUST 514 is run from the server that also does EVE.I guess the key here is server not Mcdonalds Wifi.

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Re: This game is NOT a joke!

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thebigb82 wrote:

MAG was a good game and now out this year will be DUST 514 which will be linked with EVE Online which has millions of players a day and I am willing to bet it won't lag as much as this game

MAG was awesome. But it didn't lag because it had dedicated servers and regional servers.

Dust 514 has had less lag since the quality of servers has gone up, but that game by China Communist Party is absolute garbage.

Pay to win, the mechanic of the game is imbalance, and they still can't get stuff right even though they have had a beta going for more than 8 months.

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Re: This game is NOT a joke!

Good post,

You speak the truth its has intrigued many and few come her to express hate / frustrations. I find it entertaining, because its different.

It has issues, and as many loyal players we hope things will improve. On that same note, the lack of communication about certain things is not helpful to us and to the game.

As a COD player all we have left is to wait, play and hope the game can perform better.

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Re: This game is NOT a joke!

Day in and day out a good bit of the community suffers to the point it's not worth playing. I have a friend who's ranked 7.5 million in KC. That tells me that there's close to 8 million registered accounts in Black Ops II. For only having 3-400,000 people online at a time is not very much. Especially when there was close to 5-600,000 people online before the Christmas n00bs arrived

Many of my friend's have given up on this game. Some sold it, others just ate the costs and moved on. I've contemplated doing the same and just waiting it out for the big releases this Spring

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Re: This game is NOT a joke!

They're not joking with this game. This the best they can do and offer. Year after year they try and mimic IW. That is their purpose for being brought into the fold. W@W was their last decent effort, mainly because it was simple and good. There wasn't much to screw up by using basically the same model as CoD4.  Which proves when its comes to stepping out of the circle drawn by IW, they trip on their own shoelaces.

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Re: This game is NOT a joke!

TMBI wrote:

300,000 to 600,000 people playing BO2 on PS3 every day can´t fail too much!

They ain´t masochists nor they are fools!

Sure, BO2 still has some serious bugs - and several cheats are run by some f***ing ***holes, but:

If you start to get used to the game - and when you discover how to handle it, this game can be great fun!

Sure, sometimes you´ll get mad because the lag-compensation sucks - almost when the host isn´t the best;

sometimes you´ll ask yourself "WTF?" because everyone has 4 connection-bars in the lobby, but it´s you who can´t kill anyone

because you´re obviously always "too late" (PING-Time!!!) for no reason...

Most of the time, if you set your PS3 on NAT-Open (best made with "DMZ" on your Router/Modem or even direct-connection), you´ll have no serious problems to play nice!

If this game would be that bad, I would not have a positive K/D in DOM as a "Run´n Gun" Player. I am 40 years old - so my reaction-times and my finger-maneuverability might be less good than that of all the kids in the game who grew up with joypads... ;o)

There´s no excuse to cry all the time: "This game is a joke" until you can show one other really comparable game (graphics, map-objects, details, etc.) that works better!

There´s been "M.A.G." one or two years ago - with possible 256 players online in only one match-lobby!

I did not buy it or even play it - it did not seem to be "great" at all...

There´s been "MW3" last - and, if you go back to that forum you´ll discover the same "Lag","Crap", "Complaint" Threads as you find here!

In fact you only have one choice: Get used to BO2 - or leave it!

I presume: Playing it with an open mind will open your eyes and you´ll have fun with it!

Take it easy!

Fix the lag compensation for fast internet users.

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Re: This game is NOT a joke!

Worst CoD by far for me and I have some friends that play normally and they have a shitty connection


I'm not a great player but in the others CoD I barely finish with a negative score, It's always 2.0/kd or more, but now i just do negative,negative,negative,positive(15/12 wow!) and then I turn off my console

I'm a week without play this game and I'm enjoying this time to play other PS3 titles

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Re: This game is NOT a joke!

shut up man either your brainwashed or just dumb as $hit or just a fanboy this game is a mess audio bug being one hard freezes being another for no reason lag compensation the basis of it is! people having nothing better to do so they play this and try to put up with the mess the the game is! but you are in denial the game is a mess the sooner you realise the better denial does you no favours this whole thread makes you look stupid!

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