This game has been good business...

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


for Battlefield. 

Since BO2 came out, friends of mine who HATED Battlefield have decided to switch to it instead of playing this and I don't blame them.

I keep playing and playing, hoping things will get better. 

I play fair, and try to have fun unlocking challenges and all I see is garbage players lagging all over the place, sleeping in one spot with a target finder, prestige boosters, and trading kills.

Tonight, for two hours, I tried to get my last two double kills and last four bloodthirstys on a weapon to complete all of its camo and just couldn't do it.  No matter what- hit markers and no kill.  Killing one and just getting run over by another that wasn't even there a half a second ago. 

It's really annoying and I think - like others, I've had it with this BS.

I have good and bad games just like everyone but this is ridiculous. 

What an unfortunate mess this game is. 

Battfield creators are lifting their champagne glasses to this game while we keep getting sucker punched by treyarchs monstrosity

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