Things that would be awesome in multiplayer Please Read TREYARCH.....

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

1. Combat Training, but more gamemodes available and WAY smarter bots. Also, more customizable bots. Or you could replace it altogether with a spec ops mode...

2. Return theater mode, but being able to hear voice chat and the party can see the host when flying around.

3. I hope they return some of the old weapons, but "modernize" them.

4. New, epic gamemodes, maybe even one with vehicles.

5. Don't change the names of all the old perks because I'm having trouble keeping up.

6. Make the game focus a lot on strategy and gun to gun fighting.

7. Return Wager matches, but with more types.

8. Make a large variety of maps (I want to have a Black Ops 2 "Nuketown" where you go for 1v1s and stuff).

9. More customizable private matches like with quickscope and michael myers and stuff already there for you to choose.

10. Make the multiplayer maps have dynamic changes during the game which can either help or harm the players, regardless of what team they're on.

11. Make the create a class have those 3d models where you can see what your character looks like.

12. Make a lot of perks to choose from, like in MW2 or W@W.

13. This is going out on a limb here, but make like mini-easter eggs in the multiplayer maps for us to solve! And the result in completing it is like a reward or a cool difference in the map. That would be really fun!



Comment on this a lot.  I like reading them!                                

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It's all gun to gun combat...

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