The worst Game to date!!

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


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Done this tried every setting under the sun ajusted mtu limited bandwith on router you named it ive changed it....... Still crap only method is to run about like a tool with a smg spray and prey method like a 10 year old bellend.

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Re: The worst Game to date!!

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hyper72 wrote:

blops 2 i cant knife first or win a one on one gun fight dues to really bad fking lag compensation im a second hehind the game play........ WHERE IS THE FIX............FFS

Agreed if your in laggy room knifing is waste but gunfights can still be won it's all about consecutive hitmarkers if there's miss your hit marker count seemingly gets reset to zero. Knowing this makes it easier to plot a route with plenty of cover your lag route should never be the same as your good round routes also learn to mario kart dolphin dive into tight turns.

~shrug~ I lost count the amount of times this happend in MW3

People just seem to forget how bad it was even though it was only 2 months ago.

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Re: The worst Game to date!!

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I know it's all opinion but for me mw3 was far superior game.

But let me put it in perspective MW3 was a pile of rubbish, at the point when I was playing it was the second worst cod game to blops, I know allot of people liked blops, but it just didn't do it for me and I had lag like in blops 2.

Blops 2 just wins hands down for the worst game the only thing it has going for it is pick 10, I personally can't see anything else it has going for it.

When you compare any of the last 3 games to MW3 or WaW you have to ask what have 3arc and IW been doing for the last 3 years

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Re: The worst Game to date!!

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I agree that this is by far the worst quality game on release date of all the CODs except for maybe 3 but its close.  It's pretty much unplayable from any competitive standpoint because the lag is so bad that one team/group/person has such a huge advantage you cannot kill them and run through you.  I lag about .5 sec to 1 sec behind a most people in this game.  If Treyarch wants to blame my connection then show a list of connection speeds that people should have to be able to play the game without lag.  I currently download around 19mbs and up around 3.  I have tried everything suggested everywhere short of buying a huge moniter to reduce the delay in the game (I doubt many people play on a computer moniter that play on console).  I really don't think its peoples connections and Treyarch needs to find a better excuse.

I just really wonder if anyone tested this game on PS3 before it was released.  It seems like someone put the disc in tried to get into a match and then stopped testing and said it was good to go.  I don't understand how a major company could release something like this.  I mean how do you not realize it was this bad?

I like the changes Treyarch made and were trying to do with the game but it all doesnt matter for a lot of people because the lag is so bad.  I can't even tell what guns/attachments/equipment I like because the connection is so bad.  I don't know if I am playing well or the lag killed me.  Treyarch seems to put out a game that they try to listen to the community and make changes based on feed back.  Although just like in BO, BO2 has the same horrible hit detection/lag/connection which are the basics of the game.  Then you have Infinity Ward who I know some people had connection issues with but seemed a lot less than BO2 seems to have a grasp on the basics but dont do anything new and give the community DLC for $60.00.

I just hope some other big developer is hearing this communities cry for help and come out with a FPS that is what this community deserves.  I mean they would certainly make a ton of money because everyone is tired of these two companies developing horrible games.

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Re: The worst Game to date!!

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amen brother!!

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