The not so good, the bad, and still ugly.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


The Matchmaking -

I can't count the number of times I have joined up in a game, seen the MM divide teams into a bunch of 40+'s against a lot of 10-'s and we're not talking about premades.

Bugs/Errors -

Do we really need to go into detail about this?  How many times are we going to be content with buying faulty products from irresponsible companies? People can't finish games, people can't connect to games, people can't load games, and even if they do, they get constant freezes or stuttering.  Hell, I've even been killed by people who aren't even on my screen.  I literally could not see their character model until they were shown in the killcam.

Gun Balancing? -

Is it realistic to have an LMG require you to shoot 5 times more bullets into someone than a fucking pistol?  Has anyone at Treyarch actually fired any of these weapons first-hand? 

Better Hitboxing? -

Again, another balancing issue in my opinion.  Game after game, I see players shooting other players in the fucking ankles while the other player is spraying them in the face.  Guess who wins 90% of the time.

Better Spawns? -

This has to be hands down, one of the most annoying fucking things in this game.  It drives me beyond the scope of madness and into the "I really want to become a serial killer and hunt down everyone that works at Treyarch, skin them, and boil their organs for dinner" mindset.   I was in a game just last night where I died seven times in a row, SEVEN TIMES IN A ROW, because I was spawned directly in front of enemies.

Better League Play? -

"I quit if my team is losing" mode.  Put some fucking restrictions into these games.

Nuketown 24/7 -

Why in the hell did you get rid of probably the best thing BO2 had going for it?  I do not want to fucking play "Bonus," I want to play Nuketown, period.  Almost every map you have in rotation on Bonus is horrible, in my opinion.  I am so sick of playing on the god damn Carrier.

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