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Well this is the short story of how the name of camper has came about.  

Someone(The Shooter) shot someone(The Complainer) in Cod and the Complainer easily decided to B**ch and moan. Being competitive and a poor loser the angry person lashes out to the one that shot him.

Fn cheater you can't play the game, the poor loser screams and yells crying to the one that shot him oh so swiftly and legitimately in a fashion that  the loser  wassn't  expecting  because he has no brain.  

The Winner says oh your just complaining whatever, brushing it off. The Complainer then says (without hearing Complaining right and mistakes it for the word Camping) he then says

Yeah I'm a camper  your the one that is  a camper  that  was in the corner  "Camper , Camper  you  fn  Camper"   he screams out.   

The Winner is like this guy. No one else at the time had a mic in lobby so the winner decided it was useless arguing with this crappy player that can't even be a challenge so he left. But he didn't know what he started because the other players without the mics finally bought one and started crying because they too suck.

And there you go the Legend of the Complainer and why camper is cried out so much.

space good attempt but you lost me at "Someone (the shooter)

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