Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Bettys are great. I used to be a C4 person. Now i run with bettys. Only equip 1 and have on scav. You get one for free. I get so many kills from them. Lay your 2 down in high traffic spots and get 2 free kills.

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I use them and love em. You get just teh right angle and you can toss empretty far too.

I like all the points I get blowing them up too. It is the classic Win/Win.

Yeah... dont drop them where you are going to stand... Seems like a no brainer...

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Flak Jacket, Tactical Mask. End of story.

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I love running around with Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask cuz you feel so damn invincible against morons still throwing around bettys and shock charges with the seemingly idiotic certainty you're gonna be stopped by them when you just mow them down BAHAHAHHAA

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Not being able to counter them just shows how little you can adapt. I only have 1 class with a betty and that's in my CTF class for League Play ... meanwhile I'm running Lightweight, Flak Jacket, Tactical Mask and Extreme Conditioning while my betty is on our flag.

Times I get killed while capturing their flag because of 2 betties and 4 shock charges laying on it: 0.

Times I kill the enemy flag carrier because he doesn't run the same class: I lost count.

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Engineer and black hat is perfect for this, hack whilst rushing. Your game stlye doesnt change at all, the opponents equipment becomes yours instantly. Got many kills with it, taking down uav, etc etc. It also builds your score streak aswell.

A funny moment on hijacked, i was underneith and a player up top with a betty. Both of us had black hat, i'd hack his betty, he'd hack it back, i'd hack it again and so forth. More people are starting to run this setup now so not as effective but none the less you still catch out the unsuspecting. For the first time i actually like tactical equipment. I gave up on flash/ concusion etc a long time ago mostly because i kept getting myself with them.

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Skill in COD are tactics,  this is a tactic.

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Meh I only see them on nuketown. I get killed by C4 way more than betty's. I don't think they are a "problem"

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There's no problem with any explosives, that's what Flak Jacket is for.

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Umm the real problem is that claymore have red lasers showing you where they are an betties don't why the hell do claymore still have lasers on them that is visible to enemies betties are virtually hidden unless you have the perk on.

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