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i know you can use the engineer perk to see equipment through walls etc but i still gotta say as someone who only plays ffa really that these bouncing bettys are really littering maps in this game, to the point where its slightly spoiling it imo, theyre just too easy a kill and require hardly any skill at all, the claymores are different you can spot their lasers a mile off and you generally have to position them well in doorways etc but everyones running around flipping their R2 paddle everytime they spawn and usually getting a betty kill with it

i dont blame them either, i mean if your objective is to win why not flip a betty everytime you spawn its kills for nothing, but its taking something away from the skill factor i think... without complaining too much as i've started using them myself to compensate, i personally hope the next cod addresses this issue.

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Actually, if you use scavenger you can have two betty's out at once.  If one goes off you can throw another if you happen to run over a scavenger pack.  It's a strategy now, people can camp and/or cover their flank with them.

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or play agrresively/defend flags.. as I do

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Oh, rlbl, I wasn't criticizing the tactic.  With all the flanking routes in this game, it makes sense to cover your rear.

I find it hard to let go of my semtex/C4, though.

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betties are so weak in this game i dont know why people still use them between enginer, black hat, and the abilty to just crouch or pron past them taking no damage they are almost useless....heck if you are quick enough you can run around and when u here it going off you can drop to prone and avoid damage (seen it a few times)

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Absolutely true, they are useless unless you use 2 with the tactical perk. Knowing your first 1 will miss. The trouble is it takes up space in that class it shouldn't have too if designed right in the first place.

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Drop a betty with a shock grenade.  Works for me

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Yes you can see a lot more of those now that people have levelled up, but just as you said use engireeng or flak jacket if you're in a game where people spam Betty's, it's annoying but not an issue.

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It's that simple.

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The only problem with Bettys that I have is how mine always seem to kill me. This might seem like a rare circumstance but its not:

I placed a Betty down in the workout room of Hijacked to defend a popular running route to our flag. It was close to an exterior wall and as soon as it landed a guy ran past outside (as in on the other side of the wall) and it triggered the Betty killing me

This happens so much that I often stopped placing them in areas I know I'll be. I probably die once every couple matches from my own BB

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