The Assault Shield needs the BIGGEST buff ever

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Trying to get the vomit inducing 100 kils atm, its pretty difficult to keep a 1.0 k/d imo. opposition seems to jump, strafe, shoot, c4, sticky, knife their way straight through the damn thing.

Playing on core & ur only hope is to use a tactical on the opposition first, and then the 2 hits almost makes that impossible..... as for hardcore it takes like 2 hits from a peacekeeper or whatever to go straight through it.

This deffo needs a buff, why does the combat axe & knife take only one hit on core?.... even if its below the chest, The shield is harder to master (because of the hit detection?) than those two and imo should be a one hit kill also!.

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Just keep at it. I finished golding my assault shield. Go into Hardcore Dom and stay near the enemies flag. @everyone I realized that the assualt shield is fine. The camera angle for it sucks. If anyone needs help add me on PSN. My psn is GhostKillerV. In the request just say your from the forum. I'll be the distraction while you kill the enemy.

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I have also had massive trouble with the riot shield. So much so, that it cost me a new controller. The amount of times i have been knifed straight through it, or killed with 3 or 4 rounds when i'm clearly behind it must be up in the hundreds by now.

I know lag plays a massive part with this weapon to, as i have been beating on someone only to die, but the kill cam shows me charge straight past and get shot in the side even though i have gotten a hit marker!!

+1,000,000 for the buff.

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maybe the riot shield should shoot explosives and equipment, instead of having the player, wrap their shield behind them for a quick second, while the throw!?  i don't know, and i don't really have all that much invested in this arguement, mostly because i don't find it to be effective at all!?

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Hmmm I rarely have a problem getting around it now, IMO no buff or nerf needed.

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The only things I would enjoy seeing implemented into the Assault Shield would be:

  • Explosion Resistance
  • Stun Grenade Resistance
  • Flashbang Grenade Resistance
  • Stun Grenade-like effect when hit by the shield

It'd be nice for it to do what a shield should actually do, protect from harmful ailments like the ones listed above, and cause concussive damage when hit by it, like a blunt weapon would cause. Other than that, I kind of have no problems with the Assault Shield, I really enjoy it, it was my first Gold weapon in the Specials class.

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I can kill an assault shield holder simply by knifing him!

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I remember going for that challenge. Probably the most rage inducing thing the world has ever seen. The Shield has no range, moves slowly and acts completely dumb once you get that first hit off. I lost about .4 on my K/D doing it (after I went 0-10 I would switch out to another weapon it could have been a lot worse). My main gripe with it is that with the terrible cameras on the game someone could be standing right in front of you knife and kill you or shoot you straight in the face and the bullets will magically go through the shield and damage you.

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It's a shield, not a weapon. It's purpose is to protect you and teammates from gun fire. The only sort of buff I would give it is that sometimes when moving it becomes intangible and you can take fire, but this is not something designed to kill and therefore deserves no buff at all. The fact that Treyarch wants to pass it off as a weapon by making it's challenges kill based is stupid.

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id have to agree with this.. with camera views and lag playing apart, there really isnt a buff that can be had

the only thing i could see is the animation is off.. but i think that has to do with lag..

i can flip my sheild up and kill someone, then pull it down for another enemy and even though it appears down on my end, the animation is still happening for the enemy and I die

take the sheild at face value.. use it for fun, not to be competitive

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