Thanks for the patch!

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I had no lag problems at the beginning of patch 1.03, but later it begun lagging, and i came in French lobby's again.

And unfortionally Frech people can't speak English.. -_-

Now, after patch 1.04, i notice that i am in Dutch lobbys so i can speak to people in my language or English, and the lag is gone!

I hope it doensn't change later like the 1.03 patch.

And btw. i never had problems with freezing.. so idk how some people have problems with that.

But for me it's like a almost perfect game right now! (spawns..)

Thanks 3ARC!

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And what department of treyarch do you work at playing on LAN doensn count....... Dont recall latest crap patch having anything to do with match making huh.

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I guess you're the lucky one, it seems to have gotten worse for me.

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I know that feeling; today was the first time i played with people speaking my native language; was about goddamn time though...

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