System Modders/Cheaters Still Need To Piss off And Die

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

It seems like every other game, this happens. The match I just played:

1) One of the guys has an LMG and gets me in his sights across the open expanse in Raid and just unloads. No burst fire or anything, just unloads 50/100 rounds, and his gun does not budge an inch. Every shot is right down the crosshair and into my torso. No spread, no kickback, nothing.

2) I sneak up on a guy sniping but I worry he will turn before I get in knifing range (my luck sucks like that) so I unload all 30 rounds into his torso and head. While I am reloading, he spins and headshots me.

3) I shoot down the enemies UAV. 30 seconds later, I turn a corner and drop. Killcam shows the prick tracing my 'YOU' icon through the wall until I step out and he drops me. That's funny, since that 'YOU' thing only shows up in killcams.

4) I throw my tomahawk at someone and it LOOKS like it hits. It SOUNDS like it hit (he yelled), yet he smears my skull with 5 rounds. Killcam shows the tomahawk fly into his camera and his screen goes deep red, but he lived. Odd, since THE TOMAHAWK IS AN INSTAINT KILL.

And this will be the second time a vid has not shown up in Theater mode afterwards. The first time was after I had a 10-2 round and wanted to make a montage of it for fun.

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I have heard that there are already a number of hacks in play

Constant UAV, One bullet - one kill, and some aiming hack, to name a few,    how true they are I have no idea, but sometimes you wonder

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sounds like lag in most cases. in mw3 i used to get robbed on stuff like direct semtex face sticks, direct impact rpg hits. i even got knife hitmarkers a few times. i actually have some of the stuff on my youtube channel.

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