Spawn system since update 1.06

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


Spawn system since update 1.06

I know a lot of people have complained out the spawn system in the game ......I normally play HC/KC ...and havent had much trouble with the spawn system....

But since this last update the spawns have been all over the place ......or at least for me playing HC/KC they have been......

I have been spawned in some of the strangest places... Like IN the Boat on the seashore of overflow,  standing on top of  the tank in Standoff, or on top of the train on Express .......and in the belly of the boat of HIJacked (this one is not to bad just new to me)

I have been killed only to respawn 10 feet away from where i died and have the same person kill me once or twice more in a row.......and i have also killed players who spawn back in fonrt of me again it is a two way street.....

But trying to control a spawn was impossible last on HC/HC .....last night while playing Overflow, we tried to keep the spawns from not pushing past the midway point on the map......well that didnt work.....the spawns were all over the place, at times two memebrs of each team would be spawned side by side one or the others starting spawn area

I dont know how the spawns have been in other modes.....i went to HC/KC when it was put in the game and have stayed there 99.99% of the time ......

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