Black Ops II PlayStation 3

This has almost nothing to do with black ops 2 per say but could use your expertise.

My upload speed is very bad so when I upload several videos to YouTube I get slowed down a lot! Going onlibe on a gaming console is near impossible. I was wondering is there a feature that when I go to bed I can make YouTube upload my videos by itself automatically one after another so when I awake their done?

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hmm I have no knowledge of this kinda of youtube stuff at all but why not try to upload something before you go to school/work then before you go to bed? Again not sure if that would work but better for you if you want to play and not deal with the lag and then you could have it uploading when you are away.

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I know there's a scheduled uploader on You Tube because I hear numerous commentators talk about using it, but I don't know the particulars about how to use it.  I don't know that you'd be able to upload directly from your console this way, but if the game files are on your computer's hard drive that would work.

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