Something reall small to add

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I've recently been trying to complete all the attatchment challenges for every gun in MW3. A small problem I've noticed is how little time I have to flip through between Barracks-Challenges-Primary Weapons-ARs-Mk14 and then go into Create-A-Class and equip what I need. Is there any way to show the challenge progression of guns and attatchments within the CaC? It would make things happen a bit quicker

Again, just something small

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It's a good point, the menus are often cumbersome but at their worst on MW3. Here's some further smalleys...

- auto-mute all but party (when in lobby)

- auto-change empty weapon to Secondary/Primary (toggle on/off)

- auto-reload weapon when clip empty (toggle on/off)

- shroud player card (for obscene emblems, hides that emblem until edited)

- audible notification of what got the kill (chopper, Claymore, gun: sometimes a double kill arrives when you face 2 enemies only to stop firing and be killed by second enemy as double kill was from equipment, dog, etc.)

- mute/shroud players after team split in lobby

- allocate colour triangles for partymates (toggle on/off: when in a party you can assign colours to friends and this will increase communication, strategy, understanding of game)

- authorise teammate Care Package share (button reduces time for teammate to claim)

- order TDM standings by Kills minus Deaths OR objective related score (same thing)

- show national flag (of location) next to host player's name

- allow player's to hide/reveal some elements of Player Card from public

- easy to invite friends to game (1 press to list, 1 press to invite)

- easy to accept invites (1 press)

(I have tons more but am short on time)

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The one thing I'd change in your list is to show the flag location of every player instead of just the host.  Although they could put local search back in and solve that problem altogether. 

Also, show the ping number.

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