Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Literally every game I get into - playing solo - is extremely laggy, and I don't mean fps wise, or that I'm skipping around. I usually have a 4 bar because my search preference is on 'best' but in order to win a gunfight in Lag Ops 2, I have to almost react faster than instantly, and I am not overstating this. I feel as though what I see on my screen, walking through the map, seeing people, is the past, because it is. I'm pretty much 1 second in the past compared to others. But I don't understand why. Why am I still lagging with the 'best' preference. My internet is way too good to behave like this, and I'm sure it's the so-called "lag compensation'. I am not having much fun at all playing any sort of game, in any playlist. I am getting tired of the ridiculous lag.
TL;DR: The game is unbearable. In almost every aspect of play. Absolutely pathetic.

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