So close to just returning this game....

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

No lag issues my ass, i'd love to have someone from that company tell me to my face that there is no lag.  what a load of BS my game like freezes 70 % of the time i c someone, the other 30 % the enemy sees me for 4 seconds when on my end he just came around the corner the second i die....

Not only that but every 4th lobby i have to hard boot my ps3, then have to wait for it to scan hard disc for errors cause it "didnt' shut down properly"

I'm glad some ppl aren't lagging but what about the rest of us !!

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The game is an epic fail.

Why did they change the game so much?

Have the people that worked on the original Black ops been fired as that game was 100% better the look of it the feel of it the guns and the maps.

I think Treyarch employed people from infinity ward to make this game as it looks and feels like a modern warfare.

I am sick of this company blaming us the users for lag when it is clearly their game as all my other games work perfect online just not this pile of hot steaming donkey crap.

I gave my ps3 copy away after about three days as I was going to buy the person I gave it to as a present but was so glad I did not get it them on the day as I would have felt like a tool giving them my money twice.

I am done with cod after mw3 I gave treyarch a chance as I have always prefered their games but after this they will never get my money again I will either get it second hand eliminating them getting a penny from me or download it.

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