Sniping and Competitive PS3 clan "XpecT" is Recruiting (BO2)

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Have you been looking to join a clan? Or better yet, help create one? Well, it just so happens that the new PS3 clan "XpecT" has been started and is now recruiting, however, it has no members yet (accept for myself) and needs help, well, actually doing the whole recruiting process.

What I am looking for:

1. Players

     This includes: Snipers, Feeders, Competitive Players, and pubstompers. When applying for clan, make sure to state which one you are.

2. Recruiters

     This can also be player, in fact it would be preferable if it was a player, but they would also be in charge of helping put the clan together, and would be allowed to accept people who they feel are worthy.

3. GFX Person   

     Someone to make our logos, Youtube Backgrounds, etc..

4. Editor

     I can edit, but not as well as a lot of you guys! This would be for our sniping side of the clan, to edit montages, make intros, stuff like that.

5. Captian for the Competitive team

     The name pretty much says it all, however, in this roll you would also be able to recruit players but ONLY for competitive. (Oh, and I would also be on the competitive side)

6. Captian of the snipers:

     Same as the captian for the Competitive team, the only difference is you would be doing it for the snipers, you would also be in charge of distributing the montage clips to the editor so that he can edit it.

7. A Manager

     Although right now I am the manager, recruiter and everything, I would like someone else who has a little more expierence to be the manager of the team, this person would be pretty much everything above (accept fot he gft, editor, or captian of the sniper/competitive) and would basically run the entire team.


Age: Minimum age limit is 12 years old.

For the Captians, and Manager:

     Must have good leadership skills and not be a "rager", we wouldn't want our clan to get a bad rep, now would we? You must also be good player (with exception to the manager, who must be decent but does not have to be anything impressive, unless he wants to be a leader and something else too, such as a competitive player). You must also be able to put together a team, and be on enough to give your team the run down on everything that is going on with your team/clan.

For players:

     You must NOT be a rager, and must be good at what you do (i.e if your a feeder you must be good at getting feeds, same applies for competitive and trick-shotter). For Competitive you must be an above average player who is also NOT a rager, who likes to win, but won't give up if they don't.


     You must be able to put out videos as often as the manager requests them, however at MOST you can only be given a maximum of 1 project every week, wouldn't want to stress you out.

If Accepted:

     If accepted you MUST be willing to make a new gamertag, the format for that would be XpecT_(namegoeshere) for example: XpecT_Name



If interested, please contact me via Skype: XpecTClanOfficial



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im interrested i couldnt get your skype name to work though

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