Skill based matchmaking in public playlists?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

There seems to be some sorts of skill based matchmaking in public matches that works something like this:

If you are an above average player there is a higher chance you get matched up against other above average player and if you're a noob you are more likely to get matched up with other noobs. (I also heared people saying that if you play in a full party full of super strong players, you often get matched up against super strong teams as well)

Of course noobs can still get matched up with strong players and vide versa, but the chances are smaller.

If you consider yoursels an above average player, try it out for yourself. Go on a new PSN and get matche up with mainly low ranks noobs.

I don't think this is a good idea, cause it makes matchmaking more complicated and thus gives you worse connections.

Playing against above average players with below average connections = no fun.

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Yeah, I don't like it in pubs. Especially when I party with people who aren't that good.

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yeah seems that way to me as well, im an (somewhat) above average player so when i play with my friends who are not as good i have them host, it seems they use the level and skill or the person hosting the party

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My friends are all crap, I love it when they host, I beast! Is it just me though, or hasn't this always been the case!?

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So Vahn confirmed its there. I hope they remove it.

Whats the point of League Play again?

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aww wittle baby upset becasue he cant bully lower skilled players? Is him upset that he has to play against players he cant dominate?

Have to love bully syndrome

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Like I said in the other thread regarding this issue.  Do you complain about having to play sports against people your age and not 6 year olds too?

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I agree completely.This sucks for this game. It defeats the puropse of having stats. Eventually noobs will have a 1.0kdr and great players will have a 1.0. Leave the skill based matchmaking for league play or at least give us an option in the matchmaking the search for games with that prefrence.

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