Should be called "Call of duty Hipfire"

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I mean really, i usually dont mind getting hipfire sprayed from close distance encounters but in this game i've been hipfired from an SMG from damn near across the map. Does anybody actually need to use their sights anymore?

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nope... I have to admit that when I use some (not all) SMGs with the laser sight... the accuracy is insane.

But seriously... with everything else going on... are you really complaining about this? really?

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rlbl the voice of reason

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WTF? I´m hipfiring only on very close range - with an Assault-Rifle or Handgun!

But: People almost did not discover "adjustable Stock"/"Quickdraw (Grip)" and "Dexterity"!

Some "Perks" of MW3 became "Gun-Attachments" in BO2!

As long as you don´t have one of these attachments unlocked for the gun you use, you´re pretty much

forced to hipfire - to be fast enough!! 

If you have them unlocked and found out "your" setting with it, there´s no point of hipfiring on distances of more than 10 feet!

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