Shotguns in Black Ops 2

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

What is the point of unlocking 3 other shotguns when the first one you get is the best ? I can pop someone with 1 shot with the first shotgun. The last shotgun takes 2 to 4 bullets at a pretty close range to kill someone. Sometimes I have had to turn the clip to get the kill. I am not asking to make the first one weaker but make the other ones stronger.

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KSG is pretty good if its not lagging.

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I tried it. It has the worst range on it I think. Maybe I need to give it another chance. The first one works well for sure.

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The KSG is a weird one... it shoots one bullet instead of a pellet spread.  if you are off, you hit nothing.

The 1st one (pump action) with the long barrel (2nd attachment, cannot remember if that is the name) makes it an absolute killer gun.  1 shot up close, 2 at range. Love it.

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Partial to the S-12 over the first one, personally.  Maybe it doesn't get the 1-shot kill as often, but having semi-auto and a full clip to work with more than makes up for it.  Also works better for clearing out cramped areas with multiple enemies inside.

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