Several issues...

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Several issues...

For starters I've been a fan of Treyarch and to some extent Modern Warfare. But there are several issues that are affecting gameplay and are making it less fun to play.  I do like what y'all (Treyarch) have done with Black Ops 2 and there are a lot things I don't understand why they are in the game

SMG's are over powered and make using any other weapon type useless.  Something with such a high fire rate shouldn't be as accurate as an Assault Rifle. The most popular of the SMG's tend to have larger magazines than most AR's and shoot faster while doing more damage all with no recoil.  They can shoot accurately from long range.  Now an SMG I expect it to be great for close quarters and even sometimes mid range engagements but not to be used like an AR.  Why not make all the weapon systems equal with the draw rate for ADS because on top of being able to run faster and aim faster (again expected to some degree with an SMG) they can be used like an AR.  With all that said I believe that there needs to be some nerfing done across the board with all weapon systems.  Because all I'm asking for is equality within certain expectations

Knifing is ruined and is no longer an option for emergencies.  For example in the middle or a reload someone comes around a's faster to reload than try to knife them and miss yet I've seen people get lunges from 5+ feet away.

Hardcore game mode with teammates trying to get other players kicked and knifing a bouncing betty resulting in friendly fire (which is kinda funny)

I guess in the future weapons have no recoil unless it's the SCAR.  No I don't use the SCAR a lot just noticed its about the only weapon with some actual recoil. Also I've brought this up before but no fast mag attachment for the LMG class. Black Ops 1 allowed you to have Sleight of Hand and yes I get the new CaC (create a class) changes but just think it's unfair for people who like the LMG's

During host migration if you are crouched or prone you stand up

Black Hat can hack equipment through multiple walls.  Also Black Hat can hack friendly care packages which I think is outrageous. I can throw my CP smoke grenade down and by the time it lands and I run up to take's gone.  Should have to take longer to hack friendly CP's or at least make it where they can't if the CP owner is trying to take it

While on the issues of Care Packages they take weird bounces like they are on a trampoline.  Also if they land on an uneven surface they can sit there in a glitch and make it impossible for it to be picked up.  They can even bounce outside of the bounce I mean they bounce in the air and over buildings or walls.

Having the mini freezes before games and then goes to a connection interruption often resulting in missing the first capture in Domination.  Also still occurs in the middle of the game which has resulted in me being killed in the mini freeze. 

While in a party and in a lobby the party gets split up on separate teams. Also everyone in the party is kicked out of the lobby except one or two people.

Still have issues with getting into or out of groups just like in Black Ops 1

Zombies with TranZit mode there is heavy lag dealing with the bus and can lag you off the top of the bus or even out of the bus while in it at the back. Also the weapons in the Zombies mode seem to be highly inaccurate while ADS (aiming down the sights)

I would just like to know who the game testers are because they are either lazy, have no work ethic and lied about actually testing the game, or they just didn't care.

Now yes may seem like I'm complaining like a little kid but these are just several issues and concerns that I've experienced while playing. Yes this is a new and exciting game and takes some getting use to and yes I know there will always be issues with something new.  But there are moments of when I just want to either start throwing heavy objects like a caveman and beat it with a stick  or at the very least start smoking again lol.  Now I'll always be a fan of Black Ops 1 and even MW but so far with Black Ops 2 I'm on the fence.

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Re: Several issues...

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Sadly, you are about to fall off the fence. I am fed up with the game, unfortunately at this point I can't return it for a full refund so I am just holding onto it until I can trade it in with another game. Alot of players who froze up prior to game because of awaiting textures, have had their PS3 systems refuse to start working, so they either had to send them in for repair or purchase a new system. With that serious of a defect, I am surprised there aren't lawsuits popping up left and right. You would think they chould of ironed out all the major issues before a big game release, but unfortunately it's all about the money.

Unless there is a new developer in the future, this will be the last Black Ops game I purchase. Nice post by the way.

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Re: Several issues...

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Nice post, thoughtful and  nicely worded, not the usual for around

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Re: Several issues...

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I would like to point out that patches take a long time to develop. I think Trey deserves major props on getting the perma freeze patch out so quickly. It didn't solve 100% of the problems but made this game playable for most.

If you've paid any attention, they're aware of most all these issues and expect the next patch to deal with most of what you said. Again, patches take a long time to research, build, test, verified, and exported. It's not an easy thing to do so be sure to give them ample time before losing your cool

Not directed at you but I feel this is a good place to post this

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