Scorestreaks need adjustment?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I know it's a high Pointsteak, but that thing is massively OP. The only time I saw it was on Hijacked when the other team got one. I had joined late into the game when it was called in. We were winning so I stayed

That damn thing followed under the the deck and through the engine room, I couldn't believe it. I think I died 5 times from it and I had Blind-Eye on. Total BS how much Hell that thing causes

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A swarm is a group of about 15 hunter killers. I was the game killing win cam. It was a swarm and i saw about 15 hunter killers just circling in the air. Pretty good if you can get one but nasty if your on th receiving end

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i think guardian  is fine but CUAV should be in front off hunter killer.

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I think it is spot on the way it is.  There are plenty of streaks being called in without it being ridiculous.  If they made it easier to get them it would just become a joke like the last few CoD.  IMO, streaks should be hard to earn and rewarding when you get them.  Also in my experience the more streaks going off at once the more lag seems to affect the game.  Keep it simple please.

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I wouldn't mind if every streak got a 25% increase in points needed. I'd say at least 4-5 Pointstreaks go off every minut

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The only adjustment I would make would be to make the UAV the same amount of points as the RCXD(450)

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I think objective type games like domination, S&D, etc. scorestreaks are a little more easily obtained due to the higher point values given for said objectives plus getting kills and destroying equipment and thers scorestreaks. Higher scorestreaks are more difficult to obtain in games like TDM, FFA, etc. due to the only objective is to get a kill. Yes there are various other ways to score in these type of games like destroying equipment and others scorestreaks, but these are not always available to build your score.

So, IMO, if you get these higher scorestreaks in these game modes, you either got lucky or pretty talented. For they're not easy.

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