Saying this again: nerf SMGs.

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Re: Saying this again: nerf SMGs.

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So your whole frustration is based on too many people in your opinion use the same group of guns.  Well, I'm afraid that you are going to continue to be frustrated.  They could take the SMGs out of the game completely and then some other handful of guns would be all that you would see.  Nerfing SMGs into oblivion won't help.  Now personally, I do see a lot of SMGs out there but I also see a lot of ARs, Snipers, Shotguns, and the least amount would be LMGs.  If anything I'd say that BO2 already has it's predecessor BO1 beat for gun variety usage (seriously AK74u, FAMAS, AK47, Commando and the occasional AUG).  However, to achieve this variety they had to make each class a viable option.  So you get a ton of OP threads by everyone that's not used to having competition from something other than their class of choice.  No one class dominates in BO2 and because of this you actually have to prepare your gameplay to take into account that yes an SMG can kill you, yes a Shotgun can kill you, yes an AR can kill you, and yes an LMG can kill you and what's more you are likely to have to defend against all of them on any given map.  It's a more difficult game than what the community is used to.  So put in the work to learn how to handle this new dynamic and then you won't care so much about what guns other people use.

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