Run&Gun? Slow down with BO2!

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Hello Guys ´n Girls!

I´ve been an "Run ´n Gun" Player in MW3 (DOM and TDM) - and I found out that BO2 forced me to slow down!

...until I´ve reached Level 24...

The game made me obset at the beginning. I died, died, died - for no reason!

It´s not been because I´ve been to slow - it´s been because my weapons did not kill fast enough!

I´ve tried everySMG and Assault-Rifle that was unlocked at the beginning - and there was "no way"!

So finally I slowed down. I started to pussyfoot - or even tactical-camping (short time staying behind an cover when enemy approaches) to succeed!

My K/D dropped to the 0,60ies first. I had matches with 0,25! That never happened to me since MW2!

My style of play is "Run ´n Gun" - but not like an freaky idiot! I was used to read the map and the match. That´s been the way to succeed in DOM or TDM even if my random-team was made of Noobs only!

Forget about that in BO2!

Forget about that on some maps like in the Hollywood Hills, Peshawar or Yemen!

You´ll die, die, die!

My K/D is now 1.08 - and slightly increasing...

Reasons? I´ve reached the "FAL" Assault-Rifle and ranked it up until "Fire-Mode"!

Yes!! Now I´m able again to kill fast enough to sweep away two, three or more enemies right in front of me - or around me!

The adjustable-shaft helps to aim quickly and precise - but: I still have to slow down a lot while heading through the maps!

Opinions?! Experiences?!

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