Ridiculous difference between solo play, and playing in a party

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Ridiculous difference between solo play, and playi...

Anyone else noticng a huge difference in the way the game plays when you play solos vs playing in a party.  I have partied up with some of my clan members four times in the last two weeks, have joined 2 and been host of 2.  When playing in the party, in either TDM or Kill Confirmed I end up being the top player 8 out of 10 times, averaging a 2-3 KDR, sometimes higher.  Then I'll go play solo, and if I keep runiing I'm lucky to get .79 KDR in the same modes, have to camp the last half of the game to keep even.  I'm sure when I am in the party the guy I am shooting probably shows he let loose a half a clip, while I show him still running.  Then when I play solo I shoot half a clip, and the Kill Feed shows I shot one bullet. 

I actually got to test this not registering of bullets when I ran into a guy that was holding his laptop controlling something, I reloaded my MP7 I had, which gives you 40 bullets, stood in front of him, and held down R1.  He died when I had 2 bullets left, it took 38 bullets to kill him from 15 feet?  If it matters I have a 30Mbps Down, 4 Mbps Up, Ping Local in 6ms, across the US in 26ms.  Why is there such a difference in how this game plays solo vs party?  There has to be a happy median where you are not either godlike, or unable to kill anyone in under what is basically a full clip.

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If a party has people that are all from the same area, then they are more likely to get the host because their ping to each other is the most stable connection in the lobby. It will also normally throw that party up against several randoms, making the game harder because you are usually outnumbered 2-1. And the worst part of rolling solo is that they constantly chose you to fill someone elses slot in a game that's almost over. It's really anoying.

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Why is this is an issue?

Playing with others will improve the likelihood of you winning, and playing better. Communication, sticking together, helping each other out. Why mention this? Its not ridiculous!

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It has nothing to do with communication, the guys I'm playing with don't usually have mics on, and I generally flank around them.  It's the way in which everything registers solo vs in a party.  The game seems to favor everthing I do when in a party, but when playing solo the shots don't register the same.  If it played the same and we did better by teamwork then I wouldn't have said anything, but we only get decent teamwork when everyone decides to put on mics, which has been rare lately.

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I agree it's rediculous trying to play solo.

When I play solo, I go against parties.. constantly.

Almost every one of those matches result in a loss.

It's even worse when you consider the skill based matchmaking system.

I say that because, when im in a party.. we have the lowest kdr/spm member host the lobby.

Then we go against terrible players usually NOT in a party.

Those mostly result in a win.

This is happening to solo players.. I've been on both ends.

Wish they had regular mercenary matches and not just moshpit.

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I hate clans, and with the current networking issues of extreme lag, it is made worse by clans that seemingly ALWAYS have one member that is playing the game on their iphone in a cave in Iraq somewhere and they just lag all over the place.

Also, I'd like to see some harsh penalties for teammates that think they're funny by destroying all their teammates killstreak rewards.

The only games I ever got to play lag free was when I was playing HC FFA, which is now obviously gone because if 3arc adds any more than 4 game-types to the HC playlist the world will end.

Clans need their own section. It should be assumed that if you play any game type then it's mercenary. That way clans can go up against clans and individuals can play against individuals. If we're talking "fair" then I feel that's the only way to do it.

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