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Black Ops II PlayStation 3

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thats the stupid game's netcode. it's called "lag compensation" pretty much = garbage internet takes out people with the better internet.

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that's not right I have a hard enough time killing people with no lag and this give them the advantage because they have carppy internet.

If they want to do this then I want a refund as this is just BS as I have seen this in every game I play. the guys with the crappy yellow bars are on top of the leader board and I pause while they shoot me.

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as far as i know there is no lag compensation in this game, and people are really good at this game. When i get host i steamroll kids even if they have the drop on me because the game is connection based.

Also ive gotten into games where i get stomped and even though i get the drop on people i still get layed out.

Stop complaining and check yourself and how you play the game and your skill level before calling someone a cheater

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Submit all reports in game. Threads to name and shame are a no-go on Call of Duty forums.

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