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Hello, all.  I often play with friends whom reside in different parts of the United States and I've noticed that those living in a particular region tend to have better stats almost every match.  These same players also claim to have less issues with connectivity problems.  This has led to me wondering if it is merely a coincidence or the players from the region in question have a more favorable experience with this game.  Where do you all play from and what is your typical experience like?

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Re: Regions?

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When I party up, I tend to party with people in the same region as me with a few exceptions. I live in the Southeastern US and almost my entire clan is from the same region. When I play with them, it is hit or miss. Things are a little better when I play solo as I seem to get thrown into lobbies with mostly people from my State. For those wondering how I know that, I am from Georgia, and the majority of the people I end up playing against when Solo have Atlanta Falcons or Georgia Bulldogs emblems or clan tags. When I get in those lobbies, things run smooth as can be and I usually do well, but when I get thrown into lobbies hosted in Cuba or Mexico, I am just plain screwed and that happens more than one could think possible.

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