Recoil Gaming Clan is Recruiting!

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Recoil Gaming Clan is Recruiting!


Recoil Gaming (RcG) was founded in December 2012 with the intent of creating a community that embodies the competitive spirit, settling for nothing less than a win.

By joining RcG, you are choosing to become part of a group that focuses first and foremost on teamwork and communication.  We live and die by our selfless acts, putting the team and its goals first.  "Lone wolf" mentalities have no place here and will not be tolerated.  Regardless of race, gender, nationality, or religion, you will always have another member by your side that you can trust is watching your back as you secure that next objective.


- A fully functional and active forum

- Clan Ranking system

- Top of the Line website

- Friendly Community

- Achievements- member can achieve badges for doing specific tasks (available after recruitment week)

- Active Call of Duty Elite Clan

- Multiple Games ar eplayed (League of Legends, Modern Warfare 3)

- Frequent Updates and add ons to website

- And much more!!


RcG is currently accepting registrations from those who are seeking a community in which to enjoy the game we all love.  So whether you are a newer player seeking friends to beat up  in public matches or are more experienced and wish to find a group for Gamebattles or Call of Duty Elite, I urge you to check us out.  General registrations can be found at After completing a brief recruitment period, members will be permitted to apply for our competitive team should they wish.

We are also looking for people who are knowledgeable with Graphic Design and people who have HD PVRs to record gameplay.

If you have any questions or wish to further discuss opportunities, please feel free to contact me, aBabySealx, on PSN or at our website. Thanks!

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