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They'll continue to make matters worse.

Also, I guarantee they will pop up proclaiming they are going to do matchmaking/network enhancements right before the weekend. Not specifically this weekend. Also right before DLC is to be released, they'll proclaim they're going to jump allover it. Save this post. Thou shalt see that I am correct.

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I was having this issue early tonight, then I got one of those "Change in Game Settings" messages and I updated and it seemed a bit better. Matchmaking has been really hit or miss for me lately. Ill go on a solid stint of decent matches where I feel like connection isn't a huge deal and the game runs pretty smooth. Then shortly after I feel like matchmaking is a complete failure and ill get into lobbies where I freeze every time I spawn and get frequent connection interrupted in game.

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Hmm.. i never thought about it last night but now you mention it the games i played after i was forced to update the game settings... were... pretty darn good..

I havent given this game 12hours off my time yet... which considering i played other COD's to death i think shows just how bad i actually get it...

I have no doubt it was just luck off the draw.... i'll crack on with it tonight tho just to see..

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yah my game is runing alot better know than it was b4

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I'm heading home now and will see what I can see.

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Does anyone know where Hotfix notes can be viewed?

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They haven't posted them yet.

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*kitteh to EviL*

I just played 2 matches, the only 2 matches that i started.. I enjoyed them and turned on South Park. I know my limits...

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My gameplay went to complete *&^% after this supposed "hotfix" last night.  Never been so frustrated in my life!!!

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