Reason Why People think SMGs are OP?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

In my opinion, the SMG's seem OP because of 2 factors...

1. The size of most maps and how gunplay occurs in them. Most maps, regardless of their size have bad sight lines for mid to long range firefights. The spots that do have good sight lines have 3 or more ways that an enemy can easily get into. Add in the poor spawns that some matches have and you get very heavy CQC... which the SMG's dominate in obviously.

2. The Range of most SMG's. While the AR's and LMG's may have greater Range than the SMG's, it is NOT short enough to give the AR's and LMG's the advantage in mid range firefights. This is because the FIre Rate is so high. Decreasing the Range of all SMG's will allow for the AR and LMG advantage in mid to long range firefights, but still allow for SMG advantage in CQC over those other classes

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For the sake of this post I'm going to pretend they're OP (whether they are is not for me to decide)

I can't stand how little recoil they have. This makes them seem so much more lethal at range when you can just hold the trigger down and take someone out that's far away. People say ARs can compete but that's only when taken by surprise. ARs have an equal chance at medium range and a lesser chance in moderate to close

As far as the Lasersight goes it needs taken away. I said in MW3 that Steady Aim was a lazy mans perk, not too many people used it because they wanted Stalker, but even then you could see how little you needed to aim.

Reduce the Lasersight, increase the recoil, and drop the range. By then I think we'll have a decent balance

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What are you on about?....Its great getting dropshot in the back by a laser sighted,red dot sighted, silenced and brightly coloured smg........seriously though, i agree with you about the laser sight ( it would be good if cold blood countered it , like it does with target finder and mms ), recoil and range....just have them powerful up close...mine aren't, not sure, but it might be this lag malarky

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Through the Longbarrel, Rapidfire, and Target finder, you'll see just how stupid easy it is to get kills at long range with an SMG. The only thing I've found to counter them are Snipers and Shotguns. ARs don't really stand much of a chance

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SMG's are saved by the stupid lag comp, once that is toned down, the Assault Rifle should win the fight, it fires larger bullets for a start

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Im not going to say theyre OP. All im going to say is that if your playing Hardpoint or HQ you might as well equip an SMG if you want to compete at all. This game is quickly reducing to who can hip spray the best.

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