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Rant: Spawn system

I'm rather surprised that I haven't seen any of these posts yet, probebly because we're too busy complaining about nuketown and bugs.

The spawning in this game is TERRIBLE. Worser than Modern Warfare 3! While playing TDM, a player would spawn right in front of the enemy that killed them. The player has a chance of spawning right in the middle of multiple enemies within a few feet from them, leaving them vonerable before they even have a chance to know where they are and react. None can simply take a few steps before being dropped dead from the spawn point. Sometimes, the player can spawn just to be killed by a lightning strike or hellstorm missile. Now what fun is that? Playing a game just to struggle to move?

What I've also noticed, is that in hardpoint the team will spawn right behind it while the enemy team has it captured, then they can just constantly spawn kill the team while holding onto the hardpoint. Domination as well, after capture the A and B flag, just spawn kill the player at their only avilable spawning flag. If the plaer keeps dying in an area, they'll just keep spawning in the same area to die from the same enemy.

I just got done getting out of a Kill Confirmed match at Hijected, there was spawn trapping occuring. Someone was able to put down multiple guardians on both sides of the map where the spawns are avilable. Everyone was spawning just to die from the Guardian. That was a completely cheap and unfair tatic to the players, and we had no way to defend ourselves when we spawn out in the middle of nowhere just to get fried for a greedy player.

There needs to be some sort of spawn protection. People may have complained about the first Black Ops being too slow paced but it was safer that way, and it was their fault for dying often. Now they fixed this issue by having you constantly dying, aren't you happy CoD ranters?

TL:;DR - Spawns needs to be fixed due to too much spawn killing.

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